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Far Cry 4 (2014) Video Game Review

I have been looking forward to Far Cry 4 ever since playing Far Cry 3, and in Far Cry 4 the MOCAP and Troy Baker are both brilliant. I was eagerly waiting for Far Cry 4 in 2014… But somehow lack of of a villain even at almost 50% progress felt like boring. Threw the game away recently, just recently with the trailer of Far Cry 6 all of the sudden wanted to continue the series and somehow wasn’t disappointed with it.

Far Cry 6 Official Reveal Trailer on IGN

To be honest with you, the graphics isn’t up to today’s set standards but the animations are still stellar and somehow crazy. Just observe how enemy sniper would react if he scouts you around with his binoculars. The animals react as per their nature. Game is extremely fun to play to look at. Nepal is the setting this time and I am in love with it. The night time horrors of wandering in jungle with weird animal presence can be truly felt and experienced.

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The story is of a tyrant name Pagan Min voiced by Troy Baker has some vibrant dialogues and a pink suit throughout but he is no where as close to the crazy Vaas Montenegro. Main character Ajay Ghale is heroic yet bland.

If there is one thing I could take away which is forever it happens to be fantastic voice acting and dialogues. At time to funny that I don’t believe the check post guard called me Ch**** or BC. Thanks goodness the dialogues uttered by Hindi voice actors is a win win. The thick Hindi accent gets you straight into the mood. I could easily shoot an enemy henchmen but just because he called me ahem MC, I blew him up with a RPG. Yep thats me. The RJ on radio while driving has his own personality, the way he hurls abuses at Pagan Min is hilarious AF!

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Music is combined of lots of well know Hindi Punjabi songs, and some Malayalam as well. Just imagine during a high octane chase the RJ plays “Na Ker maan Rupayye wala baar baar ke rajjeye”

The action is unpredictable and intense. The environment 100% live, never a dull moment.

Graphics 7️⃣

Voice acting & Dialogues 9️⃣

Story 6️⃣

Overall 7️⃣

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