God of War 3: Remastered (2015) – Video Game Review

What a game! The making of God of War 3 (2010) is a must-watch as much as the game itself is a must-play, and just while watching the footage simply look at the developers as they burst with excitement due to PS3 having just been released then and they were all going gaga over it

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I grew up on Golden Axe and Contra on arcade machines, later bubble bubble god knows whats the real name, SF, MK and the list goes on and on. Even my first Atari with 16 bits GRFX is still etched in my memory as how excited I was when it booted the first time.

After nearly 30+ years of gaming, if someone would ask take a single character from any game-verse that is the most badass, hands down for me Its KRATOS.

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GOW 3 is epic, epic in scale, action and execution. The most crazy camera work in any game. The opening sequence of Titans going up on mount Olympus against Zeus cant get any bigger and meaner. Had played it on PS3 but always wanted to revisit and guys the game is still unbroken, it’s more fast paced, polished and berserker.

The boss fights are magnificent, for
The first time Hercules comes face to face with Kratos is simply mind blowing but the true highlight for me was Cronos, Its like Kratos vs a living breathing mountain.

Speaking of weapon Hercules gauntlets are my favorite here. Yet missed my self The Leviathan Axe as nothing comes close to that.

Character designs were pretty badass, just look at Hades, Herc, Cronos or Posiedon. Sheer brilliance.

Story wise its the most simple and linear. GOW 2018 steals the limelight in this regards.

The graphics were one of the best on PS3 and I still enjoyed on PS4, some animation gave out by todays standard but WTH its 11 years old by now.

Gameaplay is hack n slash, thrown in some puzzles which were way easier now if compared to recent bloody games.


Sorry a lil biased towards it as truly speaking the hardship behind crafting this gem just nullifies tiny bits here there.

Graphics and Animation 🔟
Story 9️⃣
Action and Gameplay 🔟

Overall 🔟 A Masterpiece

In case a game tags you along the entire journey after 11 years of initial release, if thats not a masterpiece then what is.


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