Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017) Video Game Review

What a journey, truly remarkable. From Team Ninja famously known for the DMC 2016 game. To be Honest with you guys, somehow it slipped through completely unnoticed in my radar. Just recently saw mind blowing teaser for the sequel & kept thinking should I visit or not. How come nobody ever talked about this! How come none of my so called gamer friends ever recommended it? At the moment Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017) is 4 years old so I won’t mind holding back on it rather talk extensively.

Without any further ado let’s delve into the mysteries of life on this intense journey with Senua, A warrior from the Pikt tribe with similar traits of a Celtic region. The premise is simple, explore the reality, find the truce, and embrace the loss. An inner journey with turmoil’s of the past. She happens be suffering with schizophrenia a mental condition in which the victim might experience hallucinations, self-talks and visions.

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As the main character keeps on hearing things, clues and even past visions of her life it becomes more difficult for the player to accept what she’s going through is either all in her mind or real. From the encounters with barbaric Norsemen to such nightmarishly haunting places. I don’t want to visit again, or maybe I am. Hehe.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice made me think of such times when there weren’t any inventions, no medical cures, call it primitive thinking or less information. As we treat such patients differently today, just imagine a mere couple of decades back when people were either labelled as possessed, or even the burning of the witches. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Some might find it depressing.

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Let’s talk about the technicality at play here, ironically this indie little game can easily compete against any big studio’s major game. The graphics are insanely cool, the animation is fluid and life like. Action is limited but utilised great, as boy when she wield that “Gramr Sword”. Never have I seen such amazing sword play, I would rate it even higher from Ghosts of Tsushima when it comes to sword play, the way she manoeuvres and handle the sword, god damn it. The stage design is one the best I have seen in games, haunting, gritty.

Story 🔟

Gameplay, Action and Puzzles 9️⃣

Graphics 🔟

Overall 🔟 A Masterpiece. 🏆

Definitely up there with my favourite TOP 10 Games of All Times.


Can’t wait for the sequel.

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