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Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) Video Game Review

I've had Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) in my video game collection for a while. With the recent sequel reveal, I finally got motivated to try the game.

I’ve had Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) in my video game collection for a while. With the recent trailer reveal for the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, I finally got motivated to try the game and couldn’t stop playing it.

Horizon Forbidden West – Announcement Trailer (PS5).

It’s an insanely cool game, loved the story, technology taking over our world in subtle yet horrible way, we are the creators of doom in many ways scenario here. The character design is fantastic to look at but the really show stealers are the creatures, boy never have I seen such wonderful mash of hybrid monsters. Just picture prehistoric TREX with Protective armor and automatic heavy plasma guns, their movement and ferocious offenses kept me on the edge of my gaming seat.

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The world itself sets great mood to venture into the unknown areas, each area had its personality.

The only weak aspect is human interactions and some really cheesy dialogues but I guess thats what is the game is not about. HZD hits the jackpot for me.

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There is plethora of action. It’s upto the gamer, either play intelligently and avoid confrontation with machines going stealth as much as possible or my way the Rambo way, but better when an over power higher level beastie is in-front of you, just smile and run like hell.

The main character Alloy with bow and spear looks wonderful in movement, as it was released some animation gave away by now, The gameplay is much like AC Odyssey but i found the later to be more polished but nothing against Horizon Zero Dawn.

The biggest payoffs in Horizon Zero Dawn are the final missions, oh boy in open world games, the mid missions are the best mostly but here but near the climax all hell breaks loose. That onslaught of Machines and Alloy’s final stand with her comrades against them makes for an unforgettable experience. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Horizon Zero Dawn Ratings

Story 9️⃣

Graphics and Creature Design 🔟

Action 7️⃣

Overall 9️⃣

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