July 27, 2021

Porn, Pisces and Parenthood

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Jenna Jameson's Photograph on her Wikiquote Page.
"F*** Gloria Steinem!" - Jenna Jameson on Steinem's anti-porn statements on the most popular pornographic actress of the 1990s especially in response to Jenna saying she will never have children.

But Jenna Jameson eventually had children in the 2000s that too by choice. Most famous pornstars don’t have children when continuing their careers (she still worked as a webcam model post-birth). So is there a reason why Jenna Jameson went back on her words?

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Porn, Pisces and Parenthood – What’s the Connection?

Let’s now see the famous pornstars who chose to 1. Who gave birth and started raising a family (Jenna Jameson, Sunny Leone) and 2. Who were or are currently in long-term relationships (Sasha Grey, Katie Morgan).

PornstarRelationship StatusSunMoonVenus
Jenna Jameson Married/separated with 3 childrenAriesScorpioPisces
Sunny Leone Married with 3 childrenTaurusVirgoGemini
Sasha Grey Has been in 1-3 long-term relationships, got engaged oncePiscesAquariusTaurus
Katie Morgan In a long-term marriagePiscesAriesTaurus
Cross over characteristics are emboldened.
Jenna Jameson Pictured in 2014

Born on April 9, 1974 she has her Sun in Aries which is no surprise as Aries are the most likely Zodiac sign to embark on a pornographic career as they are the most sexual of all the 12 astrological signs.

Her Moon in Scorpio makes her extra sexual, as Scorpio is the 2nd most likely sign to enter porn. It also makes her mysterious because she has a hard time telling the truth, as she is a bit conscious of what other people will think of her. That’s why has she made 2 very controversial statements: 1. Why she never worked with a black male star. and 2. Her promise never to have children.

Venus in Pisces: This is what caused her to retract on her latter statement. Pisces are 1. The most likely to marry/enter a long-term relationship and 2. The most likely to have children whether through birth, test tube or even adoption.

Sunny Leone Pictured in 2017.

Her Sun in Taurus means she is ruled by Taurus so she has a natural motherly disposition. Her Moon in Virgo means she is not one to back down if challenged by unfair opposition. Her Venus in Gemini means a person who cannot live without being in a relationship as Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) is the domain of communication.

Sasha Grey Pictured in 2009.

Sasha Grey is a Pisces native who work according to mood. If she had continued her career instead of quitting at 21 (IKR) she would have been the richest adult actress of all time. Moon in Aquarius makes her very unlikely to marry as these people like to live in their own minds. No wonder she has delved into music and writing post-porn. Her Venus in Taurus makes her very stubborn so maybe she (though she hasn’t been vocal about it) might not ever have children. She is currently single but will eventually enter a long-term relationship which will last till death as she is a Pisces after all.

Katie Morgan Pictured in 2017.

Katie Morgan has her Sun in Pisces like Sasha Grey and they both share one trait in common and that is their successful transition to mainstream media. Katie’s Moon sign is in Aries which justifies the number of X-rated performances she has done over the year, and perhaps also accounts for the fact that she is back as a pornstar after having initially quit for a non-pornographic career. Venus in Taurus also makes her stubborn like Sasha Grey and perhaps she has also made a secret decision not to have children. One reason for her once being married and for now having an above 10 years marriage is her Aries moon as they are one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac. Though she shares her Pisces Sun and Taurus Venus with Sasha, the latter’s Aquarius Moon (independent, loner) is what prominently separates them.

Is there a connection between Pisces (Sun/Moon/Venus), Pornstars and Parenthood?

Yes most definitely, if you see the in-article table the sign of Pisces is the most common one and hence Pisces whether it be in Sun, Moon or Venus and regardless of the person’s profession, whether it be porn or not, ensures a long-term relationship/marriage or both.

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