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Palm Reading of a 29-Year Old Lebanese Artist

Article has been published with permission from the client

Q. Hi, my name is XXXX and I’m a 29-year old Lebanese artist. Currently my home country is going through a massive financial crisis. Could you please read my palm to see what the future holds? I write with my right hand.

A. The start of the fate line is doubled showing two interests in life and thus two income sources (main job plus a hobby). The joined head and life lines show a person who seldom takes uncalculated risks. The entire hand shows a family background who were originally middle class but maybe in during your 20s suffered from financial ups and downs.

At 27/28 you faced a change of lifestyle. Mainly circumstances caused you to start becoming more financially independent but before that you used your family status to go ahead or remained living with your parents because you had a lack of confidence to become a self-made person. Or at 27/28, you got married and hence the change of lifestyle and also mindset.

If you are not married yet you will be at 29/30 because a line from the mount of Moon joins the fate line. So the potential partner is either a foreigner or a local who lives/works abroad. It might take you some time to move abroad due to the wavy fate line but at 35/36 you will definitely travel (80% likelihood of this occurring). You will also start earning there on from your artistic work or finally become financially stable through your own efforts.

You overall have a very lucky hand. All the main lines are clear. The minor lines are mostly missing. The two phalanges of the thumb is are balanced meaning you are good at both planning and execution. The setting of the fingers, as well as the quadrangle, denotes a balanced mindset. The heart line shows a person who doesn’t fall blindly in love and one who is also materialistic so you are good at making and saving money.

Where you might lack is that you might have wasted your pivotal years I.E., your 20s depending too much on your parents’ monetary status. And also there is some laziness and idealism still present in your personality. But the mercury (little) finger is exceptionally long which negates most of your negative aspects and also makes you quite clever. On a bad hand, such a finger can make a person a master criminal as they have the power to manipulate people, but as this is a good hand, the plus side is that despite a capability to exploit people and organizations you cannot be conned by any person or entity.

I see struggles until you turn 35/36 especially that you’ll have to strive to adjust raising a family alongside your career but there is no grave illness or major economical dilemma seen anywhere on your palm so the best is yet to come.

I hope you found my reading to be accurate and I wish you the best of luck during these dire times. 

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