RE Village (2021) Game Review

Resident Evil Nemesis was my favourite back in the day, it was short and badass. Silent Hill 2 was insanely great as well.

For quite some time was not a big fan of RE Series but once I tried RE7 which was free on day one of PS5’s release. I can’t tell you guys how much I enjoyed it, and faith restored. RE7 is the main reason for my excitement for RE Village.

Now that I have finished it I would say it was a thrilling ride from start to finish, not even a single dull moment.

Resident Evil Village Angry Review

Angry Joe reviews RE Village

As it is a continuous search and destroy, and one f-ud up scenario after the other.

High 5 to all the creative people behind it, as one would ponder in such awe at dense set designs, from castles to tombs, the main werewolf infested village or an abandoned factory. If I am not hiding from the creatures I am simply adoring the eerie atmosphere.
The graphics are so surreal and life like. The artist have taken such care for detailing, call it creature movements, sound effects,

Character design is also top notch.

With dynamic lighting effects and ray tracing the experience is jaw dropping.

Resident Evil Village is set three years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Ethan Winters returns as the protagonist. Ethan has been living with his wife Mia and 6-month-old daughter Rosemary when Chris Redfield and his men suddenly appear, murder his wife in cold blood, and kidnap him and his baby daughter, bringing them to a mysterious European village.Wikipedia

To perform a ritual while having the time of his life with dreaded creatures and also a 9-foot tall female antagonist. From the trailers as it is quite disappointing as once you would play and think that LADY DIMITRESCU is not that main baddy here but due to her brilliant design and set piece she got the most screen time out of all the negatie characters. I’ve also never come across werewolves this scary in movies or games, period. But they are only fillers here.

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Horror is indeed less, some jump scares here and there. There is a disturbing sequence with an infant-like monster, that took the breath out of me. This instalment is action-heavy; full of boss battles. Full disclosure: There are 7 boss battles in total and all of them are equally interesting. My favourite one is against Lady Dimitrescu.

The finale is a bit clichéd and plagued with RE related monotony but that is what the series has always been about: Survival and Regeneration.

Graphics and Set design 🔟

Story 7️⃣

Action and Horror Elements 8️⃣

Overall 8️⃣

“What James Cameron’s Aliens was to Ridley Scott’s Alien. Capcom has pulled it of superbly, let’s see if they can bring back some classic femme fatales into the mix”.

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