July 27, 2021

The Tomorrow War (2021) Review

Poster of The Tomorrow War.

The Tomorrow War – I enjoyed the hell out of it. Was looking for a bombastic Sci Fi Action flick and got one. Story is dumb and full of unexplained scenarios one after another. Took some inspiration from Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. The aliens looked clone of many sci fi creatures mashed together.

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Chris Pratt has done much comedy that even the during the intense moments it seemed like he’s gonna shoot some quirky one liner. Rest of cast did good it could’ve been better specially when you got J.K Simmons got on board. Director Chris Mckay did a great job with handling action scenes with aplomb so good that he didn’t care about the story at all.

The Tomorrow War – Verdict

Action and creature CGI 8️⃣
Story 3️⃣

Overall 6️⃣

Better action than most big budget movies with lame story and zero legacy to carry on.

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