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Jack Ma Palm Reading

Hand Analysis of the 3rd Richest Person in China and 20th Wealthiest Individual in the World

Who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, which can be called the Chinese version of Amazon, and for those residing in Pakistan unfamiliar with this conglomerate, you would definitely recognize the online retailer which falls under it: Daraz.

But Jack Ma has an unusual hand for a billionaire. Yes, we all know that not all persons’ palms are similar even in the cases of those who are in the same line of work. But if we were to look more closely at the hand shape, fingers’ setting, thumb size, and all the lines and signs on his active palm, we realize that his uniqueness is in fact his recipe for success in the corporate domain.

Characteristics Shown by Jack Ma’s Dominant Hand (Right)

Let’s compare his hand to that of Jeff Bezos’ as their business success and company types are more or less similar. Jeff Bezos’ hand is squarish, very wide, with long to medium length fingers and a highly developed third world. Jack Ma’s hand has developed mounts but none of them are bulging, the fingers are slim and long, and the most developed worlds are the first (intellect) and second (materialism). But what I noticed right away was the difference between their head lines. Jeff Bezos has a long head line curving not too deeply into the mount of Moon (imagination). Whereas, Jack Ma’s head line is of average length but then how are they both among the Top 5 Richest Men in their respective countries?

The answer is that Jack Ma’s head line is of an ideal length as a long head line shows over-thinking and a short one indicates impulsiveness. You can check out my previous article on Mukesh Ambani who has a similar head line.

Furthermore, Jack Ma’s overall hand shows an easy-going nature whereas Jeff Bezos is world-renowned as a disciplinarian. Status symbols mean a lot to Bezos judging by the development of his third world whereas all of Jack Ma’s worlds on his palm are not extremely prominent. Again, remember that USA is a capitalist country whereas China is communist so it is also a matter of the environment one is raised in, so the values which individuals hold would across vary among nationalities.

Lenovo PC and Tablets

Many traditional palmists hold the fate line as the most important line for monetary success but that is not necessarily a fact. The head line is the most vital element as without a strong head line a person might become a billionaire with both a strong fate line, but they would not sustain this status for a long period of time, like Ma and Bezos, without the head line being the strongest feature on their palm.

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We have already discussed both of their head lines now let’s move towards their fate lines. Jeff Bezos’ fate line emerges from the mount of Moon similar to Jack Ma’s. This shows many indications such as success which is dependent public approval, more success outside of one’s hometown, state (in Bezos’ case) or even country – but this does not necessarily mean you have to move abroad to gain this achievement – many South Asian freelancers have formed a class of their own through the comfort of their own homes – so success abroad also means money which comes from abroad like working for a multinational firm in your home country. 

Also, in both Bezos and Ma’s cases their lives improved after marriage as people with Lunar destiny lines commonly get matched with partners who support them both financially and morally after their union. Hence, Amazon started as an ebook retailer due to Bezos being inspired by his ex-wife MacKenzie who was a struggling author at that time, and Ma’s wife helped him with his early business goals. Also, if you have a Lunar fate line then not all these indications would be applicable for you as we have to take every aspect of the palm into account, but for 90% of clients I have served having this type of destiny line, one thing is almost for certain that their 20s are financially unstable and only become more stable once they enter their 30s, usually due to marrying in their late 20s or early 30s, going abroad, or getting a foreign career-related opportunity within their home territory itself. 

Now let’s focus solely on Jack Ma’s other features. If you have followed him or saw social media posts based on him you would probably know that he struggled both academically and career-wise in his 20s: Failed to get into Harvard Business School ten times. Was one of 24 people to get rejected for applying to a job at KFC when a branch had newly opened in his city.

But his carefree outlook on life coupled with his dominant Mercury finger and Mars mounts gave him the communicative abilities and unrelenting attitude which led to his first success in his 30s. That too, from the help of his friends, both domestic and foreign, who helped him set up his foremost company, China Pages, when he was visiting America with a Chinese friend who had specialized in Computer Science. Interestingly, “Ma admitted in a conference in 2010 that he has never actually written a line of code nor made one sale to a customer. He acquired a computer for the first time at the age of 33.”

In 1995 at the age of 31, he started China Pages with a friend and in three years it became a valued company, so at around 34 he became financially stable for the first time in life. At around age 38, in 1999, he founded Alibaba which is undoubtedly the most world-renowned Chinese internet-based company in the world.

So, if you share Ma’s aspects palmistry-wise, which you can find out here, then notice that he didn’t all of a sudden become a millionaire at 30. It was a slow and steady journey – and I doubt that he would have achieved his current status even with his Lunar fate line and average length head line – without his most dominant finger and mount being that of Mercury which is the god of communication and commerce.

Ma’s first world (intellect) is developed but he is not intelligent in the academic sense as his second world (materialism) is equally developed which shows he is shrewd and has an above-average business mindset.

You would also notice the fate line becomes visible (dark) only from 30s onwards. The color of the fate line is as important as its type, length, starting point, ending point, etc., and it is divided into three tones: faint, light and dark with the ideal one being light.

In Ma’s case until the age of 29 it is faint showing a self-made man as he had intense bad luck, (Harvard Business School, KFC, etc.), but through developing contacts with tourists, then earning his Bachelor’s in English and subsequently becoming a lecturer in China, he has most definitely surpassed those from China who were accepted by both Harvard and KFC at that time.

Jack Ma/Jeff Becoz Comparison

Now I did mention light being the ideal color for the fate line as it means the person’s luck is balanced and they do not have to work too less or too hard to earn their keep. We have already discussed the impact of a faint and light destiny line but I am also not in favor of a dark one because it usually means one or both of these two things: 1. The person has to work extremely harder than usual to achieve success and 2. People with fate lines which are dark throughout its length commonly suffer from workaholism. But in the case of Jack Ma, this was just the color he needed because only after putting all his effort into China Pages, did he, at 34, first taste economical success, and then taking all this experience into account, was finally able to found Alibaba at approximately 38 which is also around the time a line rises from the line of life which is one of the greatest indicators of financial gain be it profit, property, etc., but from one’s own effort and not through inheritance.

Lastly, notice that there is one single line on his mount of Saturn which is extremely rare, and as per this chapter in my favorite palmistry book of all time written by C. de Saint Germain, The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes (1900), it is an indication of utmost luck, but what this book overlooked due it being more than a century old, is that it does not always fall in line with the timing of the subject’s age, as any line above the heart line is conventionally counted as taking place during the person’s 50s or mid-50s, but in Jack Ma’s case, apart from it being seldom seen on people’s palms, (I have only had one client out of 100s who had this line and I rarely see it on the most popular celebrities’ hands as well), it did not match the timing of his success which was much earlier at 34, however, do notice that this line is of the perfect shade; which is light.

However, the above text reading offers only a glimpse into the 3rd Richest Chinese and 20th Richest Man’s mindset. For an even more detailed insight into Ma’s and also Bezos’ personalities please visit the links at the end of this article.

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Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)
Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)

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