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Mukesh Ambani Palm Reading

Hand Analysis of the Richest Asian and Richest Indian in English and in Urdu

Mukesh Ambani, as of 2021, is both the richest Asian and the richest Indian on the planet. He is the son of business tycoon, Dhirubhai Ambani, so of course Mukesh comes from money but there is no doubt in my mind that he would have become rich on his own merit despite his colossal inheritance. Read on further below to find out the reasons behind this statement.

Characteristics Shown by Mukesh’s Dominant Hand (Right):

The heart line starts on the mount of Jupiter which is untypical for a thriving businessperson. But this marking also increases his generosity towards society in general – and though being financially well-off is crucial to him – money is not his main goal in life as per the shape of the heart line. He also cares genuinely about his immediate family which is also why he has helped his brother Anil Ambani out of sticky situations in the past despite having been rivals for their father’s business empire after Dhirubhai’s sudden demise as he had not left a will. On the downside, due to his Jupiterian heart line, he might have high expectations from loved ones. For example, we South Asians all have a relative who asks you your grades and even if you have scored a B, they would still be disappointed after hearing about this as they would have been expecting an A grade from you.

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Short fingers but long palm. Another uncanny indication on a commercially successfully individual as short-fingered people in the corporate industry tend to make impulsive decisions by relying more on luck than intellect as compared to long-fingered people. But in Mukesh’s case he also has a long thumb which negates these negative aspects immensely allowing him to rely more on common sense than chance.

Average-length and mostly straight head line ending in a fork. In my opinion, the medium-sized head line is the ideal one for a moneymaker. However, I have also read the palms of other world-renowned businesspeople like Jeff Bezos, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Li ka-Shing and all three of them have long downward-sloping headlines. In Mukesh’s case it does slope slightly downwards in the end despite initially being straight which gives him enhanced creativity alongside his foremostly logical disposition. In addition, the fork increases the intelligence level. Nevertheless, the head line only curves marginally limiting his faculty of imagination, and also making him rely more on logic as seen by the duration of the straightness of the head line.

However, the above text reading offers only a glimpse into the Richest Asian and Indian’s mindset. For an even more detailed insight into Mukesh’s personality please visit the links below:

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About the Author:

Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)
Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)

Nisar Sufi is an underrepresented author from South Asia who is currently fully employed as a content writer in his home country. He has 11 years of experience as a fortune-teller and is currently ranked 3rd in Pakistan in the Palmistry Rankings on Fiverr. Simply search “Know Thy Future” in any search engine and you will come across his many fortune-telling related endeavors including his Fiverr Profile. Astro-Palm-Numero is his first book on his favorite subject.

Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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