July 27, 2021

Lakshmi Mittal Palm Reading

Just like Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal has been in the Top 10 Richest Indians List for over a decade now, but unlike Anil Ambani, his success has been consistent. It is amazing to see in the case of the former two how long they have managed to remain in the Top 10 Richest Indians list, and even though Mittal was the first Indian businessman to be ranked among the Top 3 Wealthiest People in the World, he now ranks as the 196th Richest Billionaire, whereas Mukesh is currently the Richest Asian on the Planet. But what’s even more astonishing is the differences between their palms.

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One prominent distinction is that Mukesh Ambani has a heart line starting from Jupiter while Lakshmi Mittal’s starts on Saturn. As per traditional South Asian palmistry, a person with a Jupiterian heart line can never be as rich as one with a Saturnian heart line. But nowadays, just like any other divinatory system, palmistry is in a constant state of flux.

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There are many other traits which Lakshmi Mittal has which prove that he is the epitome of a thriving entrepreneur. Sadly, a text reading cannot shed enough light on the positive and negative characteristics displayed on his hand, and thus, I advise you to kindly watch the 1-hour long video reading below in order to unlock the secrets behind Mittal’s financial longevity.

Palm Reading of Lakshmi Mittal in English.

Please note that in the above video I not only compare Mittal’s palm to world-renowned billionaires like Mukesh Ambani, Jack Ma and Li Ka-shing, but also match Mittal’s hand to three non-celebs. One is a Dubai-based Pakistani expat who from the start has worked in his father’s firm and later on expanded the business worldwide, the second is a medical doctor and stage-play producer/director whose palm and birth number is eerily similar to Mittal’s but they are polar opposites in terms of net worth. The third is a 30-year-old person who inherited his father’s business at 27/28 after the latter’s sudden demise, that too, during the business’s collapse. But by using the business mindset passed on to him by his ancestors, he was able to shift his family’s centuries-old diamond trading business to that of an electronics retailer.

On the former’s palm, who is a close friend of mine, I have made a video in the Urdu language which you can watch here. For the latter two I am planning on making video readings of their palms, but for now, all their palm-related information can be digested by watching the Lakshmi Mittal Palm Reading Video in its entirety.

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