Ambani Family Palm Readings

Palm Readings of the Richest Family in India, Ambani Family, in English.


I was originally planning to write an article on each important member of the Ambani Family, but as the eponymous visual content which I posted recently on YouTube runs for a little over an hour, it’s advised that you merely view the video below for a more detailed insight into each of the 5 individuals’ personalities as per palmistry:

Ambani Family Palm Readings Video (English)

Also, in the video I did not delve too deeply into the richest of the Ambanis’ hands, namely Mukesh Ambani, as I have already covered his palm at length in this English-language essay published a few days ago. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more perceptive experience then below you can find the links to his palm reading videos each recorded in a different language:

Mukesh Ambani Palm Reading Video (English)

Mukesh Ambani Palm Reading Video (Urdu)

I had also initially planned to pen a comparative analysis between the two brothers, Mukesh and Anil, but it has already been covered in the titular video. However, last year I recorded and uploaded an Urdu-language palm reading video of Anil Ambani, which you can view by simply clicking the link below:

Anil Ambani Palm Reading Video (Urdu)

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