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Shiv Nadar/Ratan Tata Comparison (English)

Astro-Numero Comparison of Shiv Nadar and Ratan Tata

Shiv Nadar is the 3rd richest Indian in the world while Ratan Tata comes from wealth. Ideologically, they couldn’t be further apart. But only from a spiritual standpoint can we properly compare their personalities.

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The former hails from a village and is a self-made billionaire. The latter was adopted but was a distant family member so he does have ties to the Tata Family bloodline. Read on further below to find out more.


Shiv Nadar was born on April 14, 1945 and hence has his Sun is in Cancer. These people are quick-thinking and daredevils. So, it comes as no surprise that a person who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth eventually became affluent due to his risk-taking capability. However, Cancer is represented by Moon and coupled with his developed mounts of Lower Mars and Venus he could find himself being caught in a honey trap if he isn’t too careful.

Rata Tata was born on December 28, 1937 – making him a Capricorn. These people are career-oriented and go-getters. They might not be creative in a way that a starving artist is, but in the material domain, they are excellent in marketing their or other people’s ideas using methods which guarantee a return on investment. Tata has also become famous for his loner persona as he has never been married as of March 2021. This is because Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, makes these individuals go through trials throughout their lifetimes. Thus, his bad experience of getting rejected by a potential partner’s parents scarred him for life. Nevertheless, he does have a fate line from the mount of Moon so if he eventually settles down it would most probably be with a foreigner or a dual national.

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Shiv Nadar was born on the 14th and thus he is a Birth Number 5 (1+4). 5 is ruled by Mercury making these natives entrepreneurial by spirit. This also complements his Sun sign as both Mercury and Moon are planets which are always on the go. However, he chose the traditional path instead of an independent start I.E., studying until he got a degree in engineering, quitting his first important job during his 20s to operate a start-up alongside his friends, and then eventually forming his own company, HCL Technologies, in his early 30s. This early cautiousness was due to his head and life lines being joined until the age of 30. Jeff Bezos also has a matching variation of these lines on his dominant palm.

Ratan Tata was born on the 28th meaning that his Birth Number is 1 (2+8). Ruled by the Sun, these people willingly or unwillingly became numero uno in any field that they decide to pursue. For example, Bill Gates (born on the 28th of October) had held the position of richest man in the world for one of the longest periods of time, while Mukesh Ambani (born on the 19th of April) has been the richest Indian for the past decade or so – and is, as of March 2021, the richest Asian on the planet.

In Tata’s case, he was employed in his early 20s in the family business but chose to start from the bottom of the corporate ladder in order to gain more experience. In the 1970s he eventually was promoted to management level and excelled in that capacity as both Birth Number 1 people and Capricorn subjects make outstanding managers. When he turned 53 or 54, he took over as the Chairman of Tata Group and instead of allowing the company to remain dominant only in their home market, he immediately led innovations which were responsible for Tata becoming a world-recognized brand name in the 1990s. However, he should avoid joining politics whether at home or abroad because he has a tendency to become an authoritarian if elected as shown by his bent Jupiter finger, however, this tendency is lessened due to the presence of his balanced heart line.

To find out more about these two intriguing personalities please visit the link below:

Shiv Nadar/Ratan Tata Comparison Video (English)

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