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Fate Line ends at Head Line

If the Fate Line on your hand having made an excellent beginning stops abruptly after a clash with the Head Line, it indicates that till 30 or 35 years of life you would lead a quite happy, successful and protected life with the help of your parents and family members who would look after your basic needs; provide education, plan a career, arrange for your marriage and living accommodation. You would have nothing to worry about.

But as you cross this period and the significant people get out of your life, things start taking an ugly turn, and the bitter realities manifest themselves. Thus, partly because of adverse circumstances and partly because of personal shortcomings you would fail to cope successfully with various situations resulting in socioeconomic and emotional problems or perhaps disaster.

If you are a married woman the problems of adjustment with your life partner or in-laws might take a negative turn. If you are in business then negligence, hasty decisions, error of judgement, lack of prudence and experience, or irresponsible behavior might endanger your business and spoil your prospects.

It is possible that the money or property you inherit may be squandered away. This is the time for careful planning and reviewing your economic habits. Be careful not to sell inherited property, particularly the one which is economically productive and gainful. 

The later half of your life, particularly between 35 and 40 years of age will be full of problems, worries and hardships. However, if the line improves, the crisis will not last long. After the age of 40 a change for the better is likely to take place which might continue till the last days of your life. Bitter experiences of life, perhaps would make you wise.

You are advised to learn from your experiences; avoid being extravagant and reckless, involve experienced or elderly people in your plans and decisions. Put great emphasis on the reassembling of resources and collection of money and goods spread out in the market in the form of credit, loans or advances.


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