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Fate Line ends at Heart Line


Fate Line ends at Heart Line
If the fate line on your hand looks quite deep and strong until it comes into contact with the heart line and then it stops, it is not a happy sign. It shows that after being successful and prosperous till the middle of your life that is, 45 or 50, due to some emotional factor, sentimental act or impulsive decision, your success onwards maybe hampered resulting in severe loss or failure. The wheel of your fortune may reverse and land you in trouble.
In case you are holding a commanding position in public life or enjoying an authoritative status in a governmental job, be careful, not to let your heart govern your head, and sentiments overrule your reason. Do not change your job hastily, submit resignation, take up a new career, fall prey to temptations, run into conflict with your boss or misuse your powers. Think twice before embarking upon a new venture.
If you are a businessperson and have been doing very well so far, then beware as impulsive decisions, emotional acts, litigating affairs, or hastily contracted transactions can turn the tables. A great rise may be followed by a great fall. A profitable proposition may end up in severe loss. Latent within your own self are the seeds of your destruction.
Search your soul, make an objective analysis of your own self before entering a new marital contract or going in for a second marriage. A hasty or impulsive marriage, especially a second marriage, whether arranged or love, can lead to disastrous consequences and wreak havoc on your life.
The period after 45 is particularly delicate. Since emotions play a negative role, you are advised to:
  1. Avoid confrontation, involvement in illegal activities, litigating conflicts, entering into quarrels relating to wealth, the opposite sex, and property. Exercise control on your anger and emotional reactions.
  2. Avoid marriage on a purely sentimental basis as it may prove unlucky, cause unhappiness, bring misery, and precipitate downfall.
  3. Take care of your health, most especially the health of your heart, as it may lead to financial loss and vice versa.
  4. Avoid leading a luxurious or lascivious life and indulging in sensual activities; drinking, sex, gambling, extravagance, display, pomp, and show. Lead a temperate life.
  5. Make hay when the sun shines and plan carefully for the future.
  6. Invest in insurance, long-term deposits, saving schemes, secure businesses, property, etc. Try to build assets rather than keeping liquid cash.


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