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Interview with Ali Awan about his Life’s Journey

Q1. Mr. Ali Awan thank you so much for being with us today. Please us about your early childhood.
My full name is Muhammad Ali Awan, I was born in 1970 in Jacobabad, Sindh. As my father was in Civil Services I had gotten the opportunity to live and study in different cities, like Jacobabad, Sukkur, Larkana and Khairpur.

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I did my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology in Jamshoro, Sindh, in 1994, but my interest was towards Electronics and Computers. Thus, after working as a Civil Engineer in many companies, I decided to persuade the area I like because I was not enjoying my work, so I established the very 1st Internet Service Provider company in Sukkur in 1998.

I moved to Karachi in 2000 to study Computer Science, then I joined SZABIST Karachi as an employee in 2002 and simultaneously got admission in MS Computer Science.

I was transferred to SZABIST Dubai in 2003. I am the day one employee of SZABIST Dubai and still associated with SZABIST Dubai as an IT Manager and Faculty Member of the Computer Science Department

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Q2A. When did you find out music was your calling?
There was a farewell party in school when I was in Grade 10, I was asked to sing in the party. A local musical group hailing from Larkana was also present there and later on they had asked me to join the band. I did some gigs with them for a few months but then my father was transferred to Khairpur. There I made new friends and formed a band in 1986 which remained very active until 1993. Currently, I have a very well-equipped sound studio at home in Dubai.

Q2B. Please tell us about your journey with your bandmates.
We have known each other since 1986, last time we met we proceeded to take a tour of the northern areas of Pakistan in 2019.

Ali Awan and his band mates.

Q2C. Are you still in touch with them?
Yes, on a daily basis!

Q3. Tell us about your travels.
I have travelled everywhere in Pakistan and lived and also currently reside in the UAE. Other countries I have visited include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman.

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Q4. You are extremely multitalented. A teacher of computer science and also a guide and performer of music. How do you juggle everything day to day?
I never thought of it like that. Whatever I do I do it with utmost passion. I don’t do anything half-hearted and I can’t sleep until I’ve finished my task.

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Q5. Name your greatest musical influences across every genre and nationality.
Rahul Dev Burman (RD Burman).

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Q6. Favorite writers/books
If I want to know something, I will read any book. I don’t differentiate between them. I feel a book is like a person whom you haven’t or couldn’t meet personally, I mean a book is an interpretation, idea or experience, etc., of somebody who shares everything via text.

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Q7. Favorite movies/TV series.
I love the majority of biopics I have watched but if I am to choose two favorites that would be Hacksaw Ridge and Sahib (Indian).

Q8. Which actor would you like to portray you in a movie?
Aamir Khan.

Q9. Best advice you can give to people who are scared of pursuing their dreams?
Everyone is born talented so do what you love to. You only need to discover what you are good at, work hard on this passion of yours and you will surely excel. For example, if you simply like to drive then it is just driving but if you will love to drive you can be like Michael Shumacher.

Q10A. Please us about your love of cricket.
I had excelled in cricket at a very young age but eventually preferred music over it. These are two passions which generally don’t coincide with each other in the long term.

Q10B. How was your journey with SZABIST Dubai’s cricket team?
I took it as a challenge to make SZABIST Dubai Cricket Team the Champions. I had very limited resources to build a competitive team but SZABIST Dubai’s Management, and of course the players, played their parts to make our dream of regional dominance become a reality.

We had defeated every university’s cricket team in the UAE. We won BITS Pilani Inter University Cricket Tournment as well as American Unversity Sharjah Tournament. In both tournaments we defeated the host teams in finals, that too, at their home grounds. Apart from that we had finished as runnerups in a multitude of tournaments.

We have received trophies and medals from legendary sports figures such as the esteemed footballer Deigo Meradona (pictured below) and also the veteran cricketer Virender Sehwag.

You can reach Ali Awan at the pages below:

Studio 80 DXB Official Website

Studio 80 DXB Instagram

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