Top 10 Dragons’ Den Judges according to Palmistry

Dragons’ Den is not just a TV show but a way of life. I watch at least 3 episodes daily alongside my 3 meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, I have always been curious about the successful potential investors and what makes them tick.

Below I have listed each and every prominent Dragons’ Den Judge in accordance with their capability as per the rules of Palmistry.

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1. Peter Jones – Most Well-Balanced

Not only are his thumb’s 2 phalanges in sync with each but his overall hand is balanced though he might be very moody as well. This balance between head and heart makes him the best judge of character in the den.

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2. Deborah Meaden – More Emotional than Logical

Strong upper Mars mount (Red) makes her mentally strong. The first head line (yellow) indicates her attachment to her family’s business, while the second head line (blue) shows her success in launching her own business in the 30s. She’s not as well-balanced as Peter especially because of a short thumb which makes her more emotional than logical most of the time.

3. Duncan Bannatyne – Most Political

The fingers are arranged on an unbalanced arc showing a very difficult childhood deeming him the most self-made out of all the Dragons. His head line (blue) is straight at the start showing his early emphasis on materialism, but then in his mid-30s the same head line (purple) declines showing that he has adopted a more philanthropic outlook on life; especially in the form of donating heavily to UK’s political parties. His prominent upper Mars mount makes him an excellent judge of character as this shows commitment to a cause (especially an underdog one) and thus, he will invest himself fully into an investee’s idea.

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4. Theo Paphitis – Loves the Good Life

Although, he has a balanced head and heart line making him a fair judge of character the hand is too puffy making him too self-centered to immerse himself completely in some of the deals that follow through.

5. Nick Jenkins – Most Intuitive

His fingers are short and couple with the crystal-clear mount of Venus (purple), his intuition aids him both in his own businesses’ decisions as well as in choosing the right pitch.

6. James Caan – Most Easy-Going

The shape of his hand shows an easy-going nature but he might be too lenient with those contestants he ends up shaking hands with.

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7. Sarah Willingham – Most Ambitious

Her head line (red) starts from the mount of Jupiter making her the most ambitious out of all the Dragons – but her head line being disconnected from the life line means she is too independent to invest her funds fully in a stranger’s idea.

8. Jenny Campbell – Most Infamous

The reason why Jenny 99% of the time says “I’m out” is due to her lack of freedom and immense struggle during her 32 years spent working as a banker. Her Saturn mount (black) shows frequent delays in success and it wasn’t until she entered her 40s that she became independently wealthy. Add to that, the fate line (red) which emerges from under the life line meaning when she was growing up, she faced a lack of freedom. So, she might think that the majority of contestants are coming for hand-outs.

9. Piers Linney – Most Self-Indulgent

Although, he is responsible for the most successful investment in Dragons’ Den history, he did not last very long on the shows due to him simply being for self-interested; this is shown by the plump stumps of his fingers. The sun line (yellow) emerges from the head line meaning that he became a self-made millionaire through his mental acumen. The timing of the emergence of the sun lines shows that he started gaining wealth in his 30s.

10. Kelly Hoppen – Too Flexible

The angle of generosity (black arrow) shows that Kelly is too subjective to be on the show. However, I’m pretty sure if a contestant has secured her investment, then they are a lucky entrepreneur, as the development of her Jupiter mount (red) shows that she is in contact with world-renowned celebrities who can open new avenues for both investor and entrepreneur.

Dragons’ Den Most Watched Video

Honorable Mention:

Touker Suleyman – Most Fashionable

Great fashion sense as the development of the Venus mount (purple) shows success in the glamor industry. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate further as the picture is too unclear for a clear reading.

The Verdict

Dear readers, hope you all enjoyed reading the content above as much as I did writing it!

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