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Wendy of Red Velvet Palm Reading

Hi there! Now that the ever-talented Tony Leggett‘s palmistry-related YouTube channel has been deleted for some reason (if you find out why do email me here: I think it’s high time that I honor his legacy by reading the palms of K-pop stars, as he did so adeptly, starting with Wendy of Red Velvet.

To my delightful surprise I have heard Wendy’s singing before when she did a duet with Ricky Martin for the English-language version of his Spanish hit Vente Pa’Ca. You can listen to the official audio version below.

Ricky Martin ft. Wendy – Vente Pa’Ca (Official Audio).

Let us now take a dive into the hands of one of the most famous K-pop idols right now: Wendy of Red Velvet.

Palm Image of K-pop Idol Wendy of Red Velvet.

Her hand shape is a mixture of air (musical talent, prowess in communication) and earth (grounded, attachment to close family members, preference of home country to foreign nation.)

The fingers are knotty indicating an analytical nature. Notice the spacing between the first and second fingers which indicates freedom of action, and the wide distance between the third and fourth finger dictating freedom of thought.

She is not completely an individualist though as the head (red) and life (black) lines are conjoined till at the early 30s. This means she is very fond of and also close to her immediate family and would sacrifice anything in the world for them.

Therefore, the afore-mentioned statement also refutes the popular claim that combined head and life lines indicate late success. She became famous in 2014, aged 20, when she officially debuted as a member of Red Velvet.

According to the greatest book ever written on Palmistry, The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes (1900) by C. de Saint-Germain, a protruding mount of Jupiter and long first phalange of the thumb will negate the hesitating ways and diffidence shown by the head and life lines being joined at the start for a long duration.

Lines of Head and Life Joined for a Long Duration- Special Case – Similar to Wendy of Red Velvet

Lines of Head and Life Joined - Special Case Joined for a Long Duration - Similar to Wendy of Red Velvet
Read the above chapter for free here.

Wendy of Red Velvet Palm Reading Continued – The Long Mercury (Little) Finger and Her Pronounced Mounts of Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus

Palm Image of K-pop Idol Wendy of Red Velvet.
Palm Image of K-pop Idol Wendy of Red Velvet.

Notice the angle between the Jupiter finger and thumb is quite wide denoting a generous nature hence it is known as the angle of generosity. Until she enters her 30s, she will be a tad unsure of her abilities as the Jupiter finger bends towards Saturn denoting a hesitant nature. Her Apollo finger is reaching the first phalange of the Saturn finger which means one or both things that (1) she is super talented but not (2) fame seeking as the Apollo mount is averagely developed. She is not an attention seeker or narcissistic like the negative side of an Apollonian would have brought these bad traits out of her.

Mercury is her most developed mount which also complements her air-shaped hand. Both the Mercury mount and air-hand type give not only enhanced communicative ability but also luck in the pursuit of career goals. This is the reason why Mercury-ruled Virgos and Geminis are not only so talented in the sphere of communication but also successful in any media-related field.

Red Velvet Band Members Pictured in 2018.
Red Velvet Band Members Pictured in 2018.

She can be aggressive though. There are two types of Pisces. One who is sensitive and the other who is touchy. She is the latter and she might find random comments about her or her family unintentionally hurtful. She is not the one to stay quiet if anyone tries to harass her. The lower mount of Mars is also known as the negative mount of Mars but this was just a term used in the 20th century Palmistry literature, and so the word negative carries no connotation, as every mount has its positive and negative side. And there are two mounts of Mars. Her upper/positive mount of Mars opposite to her lower/negative one is equally developed so this shows one’s tolerance level and is necessary for balancing the aggression. Plus, her long head line (red), straight heart line (purple) and longish fingers help her in directing her aggression into something positive like being competitive. This is why sportspeople, politicians, businessman, artists and performers who are known to be go-getters usually have Martian aggression but well directed as is the case with Wendy of Red Velvet.

Going back to her heart line (purple), the straighter the heart line (especially for a woman) the more successful she is in her professional life as she wouldn’t let her heart (love life) interfere with her head (professional career).

Her wide angle of generosity and protruding Venus mount (purple) makes her unselfish but only with those she considers worthy as she has a Saturnian heart line.

Due to the developed mounts of lower Mars and Venus, as well as the Saturnian heart line, she has a high sex drive but she is also loving, caring and motherly due to her Venus being positively developed, so I expect her to have at least 2 children in her life time. The waist-shaped thumb, the crystal-clear mount of Venus and the ramrod straight heart line all point towards her making a good choice when selecting/accepting a partner.

She has mentioned in an interview that she would want a life partner who shares her father’s personality. It comes as no surprise as her head and life lines are joined for quite a long duration.

She might meet someone soon, maybe a South Korean citizen or dual national based abroad, as she has Lunarian Fate and Sun lines. Read about her luck line and fame line in the video below:

The above Palm Reading video taken from my channel, Know Thy Future, elaborates on her Fate and Sun lines.

What does 27-year-old Wendy of Red Velvet’s future hold according to Divination?

There will be major changes for Wendy in the near future as the head and life lines will eventually separate from each other making her more independent than usual. Only by breaking this protective shell around her will she be able to find true love and that she most definitely will. Remember, Pisces is both the Zodiac sign most likely to marry and also the Sun sign most likely to have children. She will succeed as both a wife and a mother when that period in her life arrives. Career-wise she might try something new, although she is already experimental, but maybe something completely fresh like releasing an international English-language album. Basically, she will become more famous in English-speaking markets, and judging by her duets with Ricky Martin and John Legend, she is well on her way to becoming a worldwide icon.

Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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