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Boudica: Queen of War (2023) Review

Jesse V. Johnson is best-known for directing low-budget action flicks starring Scott Adkins in the lead role. These include, but are not limited to, Accident Man, The Debt Collector, and Debt Collectors. Boudica: Queen of War (2023) is his latest venture.

Olga Kurylenko stars in the lead role. She’s a former Bond girl and is also known for starring in the Hitman film adaptation. Here, she acts really well, as does most of the cast, but acting isn’t why you watch action movies.

It’s not until the first half has passed that the proper action begins. Prior to that, we have one-sided action. But I was most impressed by Johnson’s direction of the adrenaline-pumping sequences.

What this movie has in abundance is balance. What it lacks is either non-stop action or an overall focus on story. The blood and gore, for which I watched this flick in the first place, is there. But there’s no non-stop action. And largely there is one side completely dominating the other in warfare.

Overall, Boudica: Queen of War is good time-pass. The acting and cinematography are top-notch but the script is lacking in originality. You have probably seen dozens of movies with similar narratives from start to finish. And the ending i guessed after the initial hour had passed.

The Rating

2.5 out of 5.

Nisar Sufi
Content Writer, Indie Horror Author, Book Reviewer, Film Critic and Fortune Teller @knowthyfuture
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