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Brad Pitt Palm Reading

Brad Pitt’s heart line (yellow) starts all the way from Jupiter, meaning that his love is of the purest form. His head line (blue) starts independently from his life line (black), indicating an independent spirit from a very young age. Conversely, his fate line (red) starts from underneath his life line meaning restricted early circumstances though him being independent could be derived from these early years of overprotection by his parents.

His fingers have sensitive padding over them. Due to the way he holds his hand in the photograph I can’t tell whether the Jupiter or Apollo finger is longer but it’s clear that his former finger is extremely strong indicative of a dominant nature – especially when it comes to relationships.

His strongest mounts are Apollo (under the ring finger), Jupiter (under the first finger) and Venus (next to the thumb). All these designate talent, ambition and passion – all personality characteristics that aid in his career. His looks are evident from his developed Apollo and Venus mounts which provide the subject with grace and beauty respectively.

Lastly, his life line is strongly-etched and gives more space to the Venus mount showing that he becomes more adventurous as he ages.

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Nisar Sufi conducting a Palmistry Session in SZABIST Dubai (December 2016).

Nisar Sufi is an underrepresented author from South Asia who is currently fully employed as a content writer in his home country. He has 11 years of experience as a fortune-teller and is currently ranked 3rd in Pakistan in the Palmistry Rankings on Fiverr. Simply search “Know Thy Future” in any search engine and you will come across his many fortune-telling related endeavors including his Fiverr Profile. Astro-Palm-Numero is his first book on his favorite subject.

Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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