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Island on the Fate Line

Island on the Fate Line

If there is an island somewhere on your Fate Line it does not bode well for your future. It indicates that your destiny is in the grip of unpropitious forces. There is some trouble ahead. You may fail to achieve targets and your hopes and plans might become frustrated. All steps to resolve your problems may prove unsuccessful. There may be some financial or physical loss, or your domestic life maybe at stake because of one or the other reason.

On the hand of a married woman such a mark denotes a threat to her matrimonial life, while on the hand of a male it usually signifies severe financial crisis or the loss of a job. Intrigues or conspiracies of rivals are likely to endanger his career leading to demotion, suspension, or dismissal.

The island is definitely a negative sign denoting a multiplicity of problems. Agonies and worries may, at times, drive its owner to believe that they are born under an unlucky star. Their faith in themselves and their destiny might become badly shaken.

They may even start considering themselves as an enchanted person and fall victim to vicious superstitions. In fact, there is nothing abnormal about the person who possesses it. It is just a peculiar pattern of their destiny and nothing else. During the part of their life covered by the island, some unusual worries and anxieties generally overtake them. And although, apparently everything will seem normal, something goes wrong and poses a threat to their wellbeing. If you have such an island anywhere on your Fate Line it may mean:

  1. A blemish on your fair name caused by some scandalous or defamatory event.
  2. A deep emotional scar caused by the death, departure, or deception of some significant person in your life.
  3. Some hidden bio-psycho-social problem affecting you or someone with whom you are closely related.
  4. Involvement in litigation, imprisonment, accident, or disease which may prove distressing.
An island anywhere on the hand is a mark of deprivation, sorrow, or trouble. The longer the space it covers on the Fate Line, the longer is the duration of the trial, suffering, or ordeal. As soon as the island vanishes, worries and tensions regarding unemployment, disease, litigation or any other issue would cease to exist. Circumstances would take a favorable turn; enemies would suffer a defeat; the pangs of separation from the loved one would soon be over; wishes and longings would become fulfilled; dreams would come true; health, wealth, and happiness restored, and a breach in relationships within the family would have become repaired.
If the island is in the middle of the Fate Line, a crisis might occur somewhere in the middle of life (between the ages of 30 – 35). If it is prior to or after this period the timing may be calculated according to the prescribed formula. An island at the very outset of the Fate Line has been interpreted by most Palmists as a mark of some mystery surrounding birth, but in my own observation, it is the mark of an unlucky person. However, one’s own role in one’s misfortune cannot be ruled out. A careful self-analysis might help you overcome your own shortcomings.


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