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Too Many Lines on the Palm

If a network of scattered and disarrayed lines is seen, spread out on your palm like a spider’s web, you may find yourself caught up in a host of emotional, psychological, economic and social complexities. There is also a probability that these complex problems may eventually manifest themselves in psychosomatic disorders such as stomach trouble, migraine pains, allergy, blood pressure, hysterical reactions, paralysis, nervous or sexual disorders.

Even if you apparently look quite healthy there is a possibility of something being wrong with your inner mechanism. You may fall victim to superstitious whims, phobic fears, painful anxiety, depression, restlessness, or any other serious malady that is internally consuming. At times, you get depressed and dismayed over petty frustrations and develop a gloomy and pessimistic outlook.

If too many lines are found on the palm of a married female, it indicates some sort of gynaecological disorder, difficulty in child bearing, tendency to give birth to children contrary to wishes, or becoming sterile which may mar matrimonial happiness.

This may also mean economic or social worries, accidents and hurdles which are essentially not the outcome of bad luck but of a worrying temparament, weak nervous system, hyper-sensitivity, lack of patience, and planning. Generally speaking, the greater number of worry lines, the greater is the number of worries and vice versa.

In case, the worry lines fail to disrupt or break major lines of the hand, the impact of the problems and worries, may not be deep. A bad line of luck does not only mean one will have problems and worries. They are a necessary concomitant of man’s life. Ill luck lies in the lack of adequate means and equipments to deal with them. Well-defined lines of head and heart, and a sound line of life, coupled with an outstanding thumb are nature’s best endowments. Let no worries assail your mind, if you are equipped with them.


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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