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The Elementary Hand

Coarse, crude, and hairy at the back, the elementary hand is more like the paw of a beast than the palm of a human being. From the shape or structure of such a hand you can imagine the type of person who may possess it. Both mentally and physically, such a person recalls the image of a caveman; brutal, rustic, and uncivilized.

The man with this hand has no aptitude for learning. He is superstitious, guided and controlled more by animal instinct than by reason. He is cunning, not tactful. Passions and emotions dominate his behavior and he may fly into a rage at the slightest provocation without caring much for the aftermath. Equipped with a single-track mind, once such a person sets on a course of action, he will not pause to think of alternatives. The capacity to review what he has set out to do is non-existent in him. He acts on impulse and lacks self-control. Rarely, if ever, he learns from experience. His ability to sublimate his libidinous urges is limited.

He possesses low mental ability which is barely adequate to meet his essential needs. He has no aspirations, no ambitions whatsoever beyond the simple desire to eat, drink, and be merry. He is inclined to take up the routine type of menial or manual jobs which require no skill and no art. Day laborers, peasants, farmers, and sweepers usually possess such hands.

When such a hand is accompanied by a clubbed thumb, blunt and stumpy fingers, and a heart line overlapping the head line, it is a mark of a ruthless, aggressive, belligerent, and vengeful person who fights like a ferocious beast when provoked. He knows no other way to resolve his conflicts except through the use of brute force. There is a possibility that such a person may indulge in heinous crimes like rape and murder. With this type of hand, if the thumb is stout and strong, and the head line small, the owner may prove an excellent athlete; boxer.

A typical elementary hand, however, is rarely seen in the present-day, culturally advanced world.


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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