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The Square Hand

The square hand has a square palm, almost proportionate in length and breadth, both at the wrist and at the side of fingers. The thumb is generally medium-sized, and the tips of fingers square. When viewed from the back, the nails are square too. The hand is small compared to the size of the individual who possesses it. The skin texture is usually firm. If you possess such a hand, you are likely to possess the following psychological traits:

  • You are very practical and realistic, observing everything from the pragmatic point of view, and are, thus, an action-oriented person rather than a dreamer or thinker.
  • Instead of being carried away by emotions and sentiments, you tend to follow reason and logic and search for solid facts to draw your conclusions. Substance rather than spirit, action rather than words, mean more to you.
  • You work systematically and methodically according to a well-calculated and premeditated plan; and seldom make hasty and impetuous decisions.
  • Being a law-abiding, peace-loving, disciplined, and orderly person, you like to work in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
  • Business career attracts you the most and, if ever, you go in for service, you opt for jobs which require strict discipline, regimentation, and submission to authority.
  • Although, you look at everything from the materialistic and utilitarian point of view, you are also religious-minded, prone to observing religious rites, customs, and ceremonies with rigorous care, and punctuality. However, it is the form of dogma rather than the soul or spirit of religion which appeals most to you.
  • You are, hardworking and possess plenty of endurance and perseverance to achieve the desired goals but your way of woking is very stereotypical; adhering strictly to rules and regulations and set procedures. Courage to experiment with new ways of doing things is lacking in you. As a matter of fact, square-handed people are seldom original and creative. They follow the beaten track. Whatever they achieve is through consistent hard work.
  • If you happen to possess a weak thumb and head line tied closely to the life line with this hand type, it shows that you are timid and weak-willed, prone to suffer from deep feelings of inferiority, and, as such, can never be a leader of a pioneer in any walk of life. However, you can prove to be an excellent follower and faithful disciple.
  • Accompanied with this hand, if you have a straight head line and typical square or spatulate fingers, you possess a natural aptitude for exact sciences, such as physics, mathematics, engineering, accountancy, medicine, and all other disciplines which require skill and technique.
  • In personal habits, you are regular and punctual, well-mannered, neat and clean, and a meticulously-polished person possessing love for order, beauty, and symmetry.


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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