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The Philosophical Hand

The philosophical hand is a long, narrow-looking bony hand type with a large thumb, long knotty fingers, developed joints, and oblong nails. The skin texture is usually soft and thin.

If you happen to possess such a typical hand, you are likely to possess the following psychological traits:

  • You are inclined to think and meditate over issues concerning the metaphysical world: man, god, universe, human destiny, the afterlife, etc.
  • Abstract ideas attract you more than concrete facts and, as such, you are diametrically opposed to the square-handed people who love to do practical and materially productive work, and achieve tangible results.
  • By nature you are inquisitive and deeply analytical. Instead of looking on the surface of things, you delve into the inner core in quest of deeper meanings.
  • Being a critical and meticulous observer, you seldom feel content with the bare description of a phenomenon. You like detail to unravel the underlying mysteries,
  • There is a tendency in you to philosophize everything. As such, you are prone to fall prey to doubts, suspicions, and misgivings, and ultimately become either cynical or skeptical. Your faith in traditional religion may be shaken and you may be converted to a new but rationally sound religious philosophy contrary to your parental creed.
  • Since you belong to the category of thinkers and philosophers, you are likely to be slow and sluggish, unable to act promptly. This is likely to impede your progress in the practical and material world.
  • Though physically slow and sluggish, you are intellectually rich and deep.
  • Such a hand is usually possessed by saints, mystics, yogis, metaphysicists, philosophers, mathematicians, research scientists, and all those who get lost in the labyrinths of metaphysical speculations.


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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