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The Spatulate Hand

The spatulate hand has flat-tipped fingers resembling the sharp edge of the gardener’s hoe or the chemist’s spatula. Usually it is a large hand with well-developed muscles, and a palm which is either broad at the wrist or at the base of the fingers.

If your hand resembles a spatula, your psychological traits are as follows:

  • You are an active, mobile, dynamic, and restless person, endowed with an exuberance of vitality and energy.
  • Being a great lover of liberty and freedom, both in thought and action, instead of following the dictates of others and playing a passive and dependent role, you are courageous enough to take the initiative and lead.
  • Being an original, creative, and daring person, you seldom follow the beaten track; you break new grounds and carve out your destiny with your hands. You are, thus, the master of your own mind and soul.
  • Basically a rebel or a reformist, you are one of those people who have little to no respect for customs, conventions, and traditions. With courage and determination, you can change the shape of things and reconstruct them.
  • You are likely to be an adventurer, explorer, inventor, pioneer, or innovator who loves novelties, new ideas, new ways of doing things, and setting new precedents. In thought and action both you are a non-comformist.
  • Being a strong supporter of change in all walks of life, you are a progress-oriented person, ready to march with time rather than ahead of it.
  • In outlook and intellectual approach, you are logical, rational, and scientific, rarely accepting or believing anything unless there is a valid reason to do so.
  • Being very inquisitive and analytical by nature, you can be very good at applied or exact science, and in all subjects which require research and technical skill. You can be a prominent engineer, mechanic, or technologist, and are likely to prove very successful in handling the latest technologies.
  • Your outlook is fundamentally materialistic and utilitarian and, as such, you have little to no interest in religious and mystical themes. Romance and poetry too have little space in your life. Tangible rather than imaginative objects carry more importance in your eyes.
  • Such a hand is found more in the Western Hemisphere than in the Eastern, as the people in the West attach more importance to physical and material objects than to the spiritual.


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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