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The Conic Hand

The conic hand AKA the artistic hand is full and broad at the base with tapering fingers with pointed ends resembling a pen or pencil. The hand appears artistically designed and beautifully shaped.

If your hand resembles a conic/artistic hand, you are psychologically a mixture of some very positive and very negative traits.

Your positive traits are as follows:

  • You have an artistic bent of mind but this does not necessarily mean that you are a creative artist, poet, painter, or sculptor. This means that you have an immense love and appreciation for all that is artistic and beautiful, and have remarkable aesthetic sense, and long to see beauty and symmetry in everything. Beauty, whether it exists in a piece of art, literature, the human figure, or in natural objects, anywhere, in any form, has an immense attraction for you.
  • Your mind is deeply intuitive and sharp, and, as such, you get remarkable flashes of insight and inspiration whereby you jump to correct conclusions without following the analytical process. Your assessment about events and people, though based on first impressions, is often surprisingly accurate.
  • By nature, you are very sensitive and emotional and sympathetically inclined to help the downtrodden through all possible means, financial or otherwise.
  • You can be very generous or charitable.
  • Along with the artistic hand, if you have a fairly good line of head too, you can prove to be an excellent conversationalist, extempore speaker, and perhaps, a prolific writer, a creative poet, or an artist.

Your negative traits are as follows:

  • You are prone to be passionately romantic or sexual. The love of beauty and lust of sensuous objects is so strong in you that you are ready to stake your health, wealth, and even reputation. However, after having satiated your lust, you set out in search of new targets. Thus, you can inconsistent, unreliable, and unsteady in matters of love and friendship.
  • You can be a little impatient, and in a childlike manner, want immediate gratification of your needs and desires and can brook no delay. Sustained effort, consistent hard work, and prolonged struggle is alien to you. You look for shortcuts and miracles. Basically, you are an easy-going and pleasure-seeking individual, a little careless, and lazy. A challenging situation which calls for perseverance, steadfastness, endurance, and strength is contrary to your mental and physical makeup.
  • Being impulsive, you are prone to make hasty and impetuous decisions which often prove embarrassing and bring trouble. In fact, you act first and think later.
  • Because of such an impulsive nature, you love and hate at first sight, and usually get entangled in extremely perplexing emotional situations, and invite problems for yourself and those related to you.
  • There is a general tendency in you work in an unsystematic, unplanned, and haphazard manner. You could accomplish a lot by dint of your natural intelligence, especially when you work under a flash of inspiration, but in the absence of systematic planning, lack of concentration and sustained effort, you are unlikely to accomplish what you are otherwise capable of and, thus, make a mess of everything.
  • You are generous, charitable, merciful, compassionate, and helpful but your spirit of charity and generosity might be exploited by unscrupulous elements as you dole out charity indiscriminately.
  • In your personal habits, you are seldom regular and punctual and rarely keep your promises as by nature and habit, you cannot follow a right code of ethics.


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Nisar Sufi
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