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The Psychic Hand

Thin, frail, pretty, and delicate, the texture of skin is extremely soft, the thumb, fingers, and the hand as a whole is small, supple, and elastic, easy to be pressed, and strewed with thin fine lines, such is the psychic hand.

On what grounds this hand has been named “psychic” by some writers remains unexplained. Does it mean that the owner of such a hand suffers from some psychological imbalance or are they endowed with some psychic power? No hand analyst has ever before tried to answer this question with convincing logic.

If you possess the psychic hand your psychological traits are as follows:

  • You are likely to be hyper-sensitive, in all matters relating to love, hate, joy, or sorrow, you are prone to manifest extreme emotional reactions, shed tears, become hysterical, get depressed, lose patience, and break down too soon.
  • Instead of being self-directing and independent, you are a passive, dependent person. There is, within you a lurking fear of some sort of insecurity which impels you to lean back on someone for security. This may, however, prove to be a disappointing experience. The moment the crutches you rely on are withdrawn, you are likely to fall flat on the ground.
  • Since you are, by nature, frail, weak, and pliable, you can be easily pressured or bullied by domineering individuals to submit to their unjustified demands without offering much resistance. Unscrupulous elements are, therefore, likely to exploit your weakness to their advantage.
  • There is a strong attention-seeking tendency in you. This may, consciously or unconsciously, prompt you to use devices such as concoct stories, display physical charms, shed tears; use coquettish tricks, put on flamboyant dresses, to attain your ends.
  • You are often unable to cope with the stresses and strains of life successfully. Under repeated failures and frustrations, you are likely to fall victim to acute depression and severe psychosomatic disorders. In extreme situations, you may even attempt to commit suicide.
  • Basically, you are an idealist, a visionary, or a dreamer. Rather than living in the world of reality you live in the realm of imagination and fantasy.
  • To a very great extent, you have a fatalistic and superstitious outlook, and are inclined to believe in magical rites, incantations, and amulets.
  • You also possess very contradictory traits. At times, you tend to exhibit a remarkable capacity to endure pain and suffering, firstly, because of your ability to reconcile with your fate and accept the inevitable, secondly, because of your masochistic tendency to draw pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, in suffering pain and humiliation.
  • Temperamentally, you are a very lovable and kind-hearted person, gifted with angelic qualities; innocence and purity of mind; having love for and malice towards none. By virtue of sympathetic behavior, you work as a balm of repose for bruised hearts. Wherever you happen to go, you shower happiness and sprinkle joy around you. You add to the beauty and music of life


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Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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