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Best Wireless Earbuds 2023

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Whether there is a pandemic or not, health should always be on the forefront of one’s mind. Majority of the people either exercising at home or in authorized places outside always prefer to have entertainment alongside them. Gone are the days of radio listening or TV watching when you are running on a treadmill. Listening to music through your phone is fashionable today. You are in luck as we list the wireless earbuds available on Amazon which you should buy.

But the most common problem when listening to music while performing physical activities is the quality of the earphones. This is because when you are solitary it’s easy for the earphones to stay in one place. But when you start jogging, running, etc., most earphones have a tendency to fall out of place. Wireless earbuds solve that problem by firstly removing the wire – pun intended.

Yet being wireless is not the only advantage. Many wireless earbuds come in sizes specifically designed to fit in your ear and not fall out when you are exercising. On top of that, there are many cost-effective options which won’t drain your bank account.

Wireless earbuds also look modern. When everything is cordless nowadays who wants to wear something other than wireless earbuds. On Amazon you will find wireless earbuds of all shapes and sizes and high and low prices. Why shop for them on Amazon? The simple answer is because it is the largest marketplace on earth and their catalogue is fully available online. So we hope you enjoy our selection of the wireless earbuds you should opt to buy on Amazon.

1. Apple Airpods with Wired Charging Case – #1 Best Seller

Apple Airpods

Just like Amazon is synonymous with marketplace and Google is interchangeable with search engine, Apple can be a stand-in for high-quality technology. The Apple brand is a household name in the United States of America, and their products have a high market value abroad as well. So it comes as no surprise their item, Apple Airpods with Wired Charging Case, is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the category on Earbud and In-Ear Headphones.

The design is emblematic of the Apple brand with a sleek look and crisp white shading. They are easy on the ears as they are lightweight. They are extremely portable and unlike some specific Apple products these work with Android phones as well. But they are still best to use when paired with Apple devices as they automatically connect to them whether it be an iPhone or iPad. When the device is turned on the Airpods are also automatically switched on. Also, automatic ear detection is only available when Airpods are used with iPhones so when either the earbud or earbuds fall off or are removed the audio is automatically paused. Furthermore, the customizable options available with Siri when using Airpods are bountiful. You can use Siri to start/pause music, level the volume, etc.

So, if you are looking for easy on the ears wireless earbuds you can’t go wrong with Apple Airpods but do keep in mind that they are optimized for usage with Apple’s products.


  • Extremely portable
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic ear detection
  • Siri offers many customizable options


  • Expensive
  • Have a tendency to fall off during exercise
  • Might not suit users of non-Apple products
  • Wired charging case is of good quality but the wireless charging option costs extra

2. Letscom Wireless Earbuds with 80 Hours Playtime – Timeless Listening

Letscom Wireless Earbuds

Letscom Wireless Earbuds with 80 Hours Playtime are not just wireless earbuds offering a timeless listening experience, but they come in a total package which is a must-buy. The list of accessories includes the charging case, a curl USB cable, user manual and a wide variety of ear tips ranging from large, medium to small.

The prolonged battery life doesn’t mean that sound quality is affected. Among the products listed here where you don’t have to exceed your budget, the Letscom Wireless Earbuds have crystal clear sound which makes the 80 hours playtime extremely worth it. The bass packs a punch, listeners to treble will also favor this product, and the mid range sounds are ideal for a product of this price range. To top it off, noise cancellation is excellent as well.

The charging case is compactly built. You can keep it in your backpack along with heavier items but rest assured your wireless earbuds will remain protected. In addition, there is a USB port in the case which allows you to charge other devices. Connectivity is also not an issue as the Bluetooth is 5.0.


  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Accessories are of high quality
  • Top-notch noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


  • Longevity issues
  • Might not appeal to buyers looking for something more expensive

3. Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds – Best for Rock Music

Edifier Wireless Earbuds

Just like the previously mentioned wireless earbuds from Letscom, the Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity although with a lesser overall playtime (8 hours without case and 32 hours with case).

The description on Amazon states that they are splash and sweatproof but that just means they are not totally waterproof so would require extra caution when in use. These wireless earbuds are already equipped with a mic and the charging case that comes along with it comes in a portable design. Controls-wise you have a single tap for play and for pause, you can double tap the right ear bud for the next track and double tap the left ear bud for the previous track. Comfort is also ensured due to the variety of ear tips which come along with the product.

However, unlike the Letscom wireless earbuds which matched playtime with sound quality, Edifier TWS5 True Wirless Earbuds are not able to align longevity with playback quality. The sound is comprised by being too bass heavy; so they don’t suit every genre of music but is ideal for rock. This will be a huge letdown for a person who has a diversity of choices when it comes to music.


  • Good battery life
  • Charging case can be used on the go
  • Great choice as an accompaniment for exercising


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Sound quality does not suit every type of music
  • Charging case is not sturdily built

4. Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Earbuds – Designed for Exercise

Tranya Wireless Earbuds

Just like the last two products, the Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Earbuds has connectivity of Bluetooth 5.0. Playtime is a whopping 60 hours with charging case and 6 to 8 hours without the case. Ear tips come in all shapes and sizes in order for you to find the right fit for your ears especially when doing a physical activity so they remain in your ears (3 pairs of ear tips in varying sizes).

Single click for play and pause. Double click for volume. Click and hold the right earbud for the next track and the left for the preceding one.

Controlled by Realtek earphone chip and a top notch speaker, T3 remote earbuds give you 1.5 superior frequency than typical earbuds provide. You will hear more subtleties, more surface of bass, and better clearness of treble. For such a low cost, the sound quality is beyond impressive.

So if you are on the hunt for cost-effective sports-orientated wireless earbuds, then the Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Earphones won’t disappoint, though they lack certain features which potential customers see as must-haves in costlier products.


  • Cost-effective
  • Playtime is great
  • Excellent sound quality especially judging by the price


  • Won’t automatically pause audio when taken off
  • Earbuds cannot be used individually
  • Comes with a built-in mic but uses the phone’s mic for answering calls

5. Taotronics Soundliberty 77 Bluetooth Earbuds – A Resistant Product

Taotronics SoundLiberty 77

With Bluetooth in the title, there is of course Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in the Taotronics Soundliberty 77 Bluetooth Earbuds. 5 hours playtime without the charging case and overall 20 with it. It has High Fidelity Sound – 6mm PEEK + PU high constancy dynamic driver offers a really normal, credible high quality sound more clear than compact disc quality.

The product is fully waterproof as it is IPX7 waterpoof which is the highest IPX rating among wireless earbuds. So if it suddenly starts raining when you’re on the go you won’t have to worry about the durability of the Taotronics Soundlibtery 77 Bluetooth Earbuds.

Single tap for volume. Double tap for play/pause. The next track can be accessed by tapping the right earbud and the previous one can be played by tapping the left earbud.

Audio quality is lacking with the Taotronics Soundliberty 77 Bluetooth Earbuds. The bass and mid range sounds are not too pronounced so you have to really turn up the volume to get the sound you are looking for. This is especially disappointing given the expensive price of the product.


  • Durable product built for the outdoors person in mind
  • Completely waterproof


  • Lack of good sound quality especially given its price range

5. Dodocool Wireless Earbuds – Best Control Options

Dodocool Wireless Earbuds

Dodocool Wireless Earbuds come with ear tips ranging from all shapes and sizes but these are not the only options this product comes with. The control options are excellent by featuring a single multi-function button on both earbuds. Play/pause/next track/previous track and call features offer so much more control than the other products mentioned in this list. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.

Even though the price is quite low, the material is IPX6 (second-highest rating) waterproof which makes it sweatproof which is ideal for performing physical activities, and the Blueooth connectivity is 5.0. Playtime is 5 hours without case and 25 hours with case.

However, there have been complaints from consumers on two points: the fitting and the sound quality. Some customers have stated that the earbuds have a tendency to fall off easily during exercise. And the sound quality matches the price in terms of how low it is.


  • Not expensive
  • Multiple control options


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Low sound quality

6. JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Slim Design

JLab Wireless Earbuds

Not only are the JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds super stylish with a slim design making them smaller than most popular wireless earbuds, they also come in four colors, namely black, blue, white and green. The case has a built-in USB-A cable which you can plug into your power bank, laptop, etc, and charge it as needed.

However, the design of the case is open-top so it isn’t the most hygienic of case options. But the earbuds are magnetically stored inside this case so that comes as a plus point. Battery life is 5 hours without case and 15 total hours with the case and this enbables JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to compete with the costlier Apple airpods. They are also sweatproof unlike the Airpods.

Design-wise and battery-wise, JLab’s wireless earbuds are able to give tough competition to their more expensive counterparts. However, the sound quality is where it starts to fall apart. Customers on Amazon have frequently cited the bass-orientated Custom EQ3 sound as a turn-off as this aspect will not thrill listeners of music genres other than rock or heavy metal.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Charging case comes equipped with magnets
  • IPX4 waterpoof


  • Low sound quality
  • Durability issues

7. Otium Wireless Earbuds – Longest Lasting

Otium Wireless Earbuds

Price is a constant issue when you are looking to buy a cost-effective product. The best aspect about Amazon is that it offers a variety of products at various price, and so you are bound to find a product that delivers at even a low price. Otium Wireless Earbuds is one such product.

These genuine remote earbuds give profound bass, and have Bluetooth 5.0 for a consistent association with practically any savvy gadget. You can rapidly tap to jump to the following track or modify the sound settings by means of its cell phone application.

The case gives over 100 hours of battery life altogether and incorporates an individual force show so you generally know how much charge you have left. Amazon consumers report getting four to six hours of battery life for the earbuds themselves with each charge. With its inherent mic and commotion dropping highlights, these buds are ideal for your drive to work or an exercise center meeting.


  • IPX7 Waterproof (highest rating)
  • Cost-effective especially given the battery life


  • Amazon customers have reported the earbuds constantly falling off during exercise

8. APEXK True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earbuds – Best Ear Tips

APEXK Wireless Earbuds

Available in a variety of colors including pink, yellow and black. The APEXK True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earbuds are the solution to the common customer complaint with any earphones – falling off during exercise.

These have an ear-snare structure that safely folds over your flaps to keep them from tumbling off when you’re hopping, moving, or running. You get two distinct sizes of ear snares to locate your optimal fit.

These earbuds are additionally have an IPX7 rating to deal with both downpour and sweat. They’re Bluetooth 5.0 empowered and match up effectively with gadgets. The battery life endures around four hours among charges, and the earbuds accompany a charging case to surrender you to 22 hours of recess altogether.


  • Best ear tips as they don’t fall off during exercise
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Highest rated waterproof capability
  • Awesome battery duration


  • Unlikely to attract casual usage customers

9. Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound

Purity Wireless Earbuds

The first thing you notice about the Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound is not its sound but its cost-effective cost. Nevertheless, the second factor you grasp is that the battery life is the poorest on this list coming in at only 4 hours without the case and only 10 hours with it.

There is Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and you should keep in mind there are very few products with this price which have this capability. Furthermore, the IPX rating on this is 5 and with the highest being 7, this device is barely waterproof so it might be better for casual usage. The sound, according to most Amazon consumers, is average at best though it does come with a variety of ear tips for your listening pleasure.


  • Affordable price


  • Sweat resistant but not completely waterproof
  • Average sound quality
  • Pairing issues have been reported where only one ear bud is able to pair with a device

10. Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds – Wireless Charging Guaranteed

Samsung Galaxy Buds

We have already listed a product from one of the major companies in the world, Apple. Now we are listing a product from another worldwide-renowned business known that we are sure all our readers have heard of: Samsung.

These Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds are among the best genuinely remote earbuds in the market. They are structured considering quality and extreme execution. The excellent sound quality it conveys is calibrated with cutting edge AKG drivers to guarantee sharpness and lucidity. The controls it accompanies permits one to effortlessly alter and advance the encompassing clamor to give one the mood that they want.

It can consistently deal with water, spillage, sweat and residue which makes it a great athlete remote earbud. Albeit expensive, it is of incredible quality and comfort. The buds accompany flexible tips and thusly, it is simple for you to get an ideal choice for legitimate utilization.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Controls are effortless to utilize
  • Sound quality is top-notch


  • One of the most expensive earbuds on this list
  • Issues with quality of sound when answering phone calls


On Amazon finding the right product could be called finding a needle in a haystack due to the availability of so many items. If you are still thinking whether or not to purchase wireless earbuds please keep in mind that they are longer lasting than traditional earphones or headphones especially due to being wireless.

There are other hazards other than earphones falling off which can occur due to exercising with wired earphones. You could get the wired tangled up in some place which can led to either sudden discomfort or even your music-listening device being unattached and getting damaged in the process.

We hope this article helped you in picking the wireless earbuds on Amazon which are the optimal fit for you. Remember to keep budget and usage in mind. Whether you are going for an expensive or inexpensive set, there are loads of options. And some wireless earbuds are made with the sportsperson in mind so you can select between those earbuds and others which are optimized for casual utilization.

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