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Number of Marriage Lines in Palmistry

One Marriage Line

One Marriage Line

If there is a single strong, deep, and flawless line pertaining to marriage on both hands, it shows a very happy, harmonious, and successful marital life full of mutual love and understanding. The person possessing such a line usually marries a person who surpasses all his dreams.

Barring occasional petty skirmishes which are quite normal, rarely, if ever, will you come across any major marital crisis. As a whole, your conjugal life will prove a great success as basically, you are very loyal, dependable, and steadfast, capable of making sacrifices for all those you care for.

In your attachments you are usually very consistent, reliable, and steady. You love ardently and passionately. Your first love is the last one. By nature, you are monogamous. Your married life, as a whole, will be full of romantic charm and, generally speaking, ideal and exemplary. You will also be blessed with good health, children, and other amenities of life.

Two Marriage Lines

Two Marriage Lines

If there are two equally strong and well-defined marriage lines on both hands, it indicates that you have a strong plurality of marriage. You are polygamous by nature. Whether by chance or choice, you may marry more than once.

If these are addressed to a male, he may have two wives simultaneously or one after another. In the latter case, the first may slip out of his life through death, divorce, or desertion. In most cases, both the wives co-exist. But such a mark may also mean having relationships with two women; one with whom you get married, and the other with whom you may have an extra-marital relationship.

If the addressee is a woman, there is a likelihood that instead of her getting married twice, her husband might have a second marriage. As a rule, a woman with such a mark seldom enjoys the undivided attention of her companion. Her love life is devoid of real happiness, and another woman may become her rival or sharer in love. Such a mark may also mean that she herself is maybe compelled to marry a second time under unusual circumstances.

Multiple Marriage Lines

Multiple Marriage Lines

If you have several tiny lines of love or marriage, it manifests you are capable of formulating relationships with more than one member of the opposite sex. You are polygamous by nature. However, such relationships would be of a short duration. This may also suggest that you are inconsistent in love and friendship. You are a fair-weather friend. Eventually, when you get married you may exhibit a lack of capacity to formulate a sustained marital relationship.

The existence of such marks pertaining to marriage indicates emotional immaturity. The pre-marital life of such a person may consist of several real, or imaginary, short-term affairs.

A female having such lines may receive a number of proposals with little possibility of reaching maturity, until she reaches the age of 28 to 30 years.

If any one of these marks, out of several such marks, is relatively deep, clear, and well-defined, it points to a stable relationship, depth of feelings, loyalty, and sincerity. This denotes marriage.

All men or women, who possess multiple lines of union on their hands are fickle-minded and inconsistent; perhaps a little flirtatious or romantic. They either fail to get married or prove to be unreliable life-partners.

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