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Saddam Hussein Palm Reading – The Butcher of Baghdad

Saddam Hussein Palm Reading

The two most striking features of Saddam Hussein’s palm are the sloping head line (red) and the well-etched fate line (dark blue). The descending head line indicates a mind prone to madness especially due to the over-developed mounts of Moon (green) and Venus (yellow). The former shows a toxic level of imagination while the latter dictates that the subject regularly gives in to their basest desires.

On top of that the fingertips (black) are conical which represent a mind prone to making one’s own likeness – Saddam’s cult of personality included monuments of himself erected all over Iraq – ironically, Napoleon Bonaparte also had similar fingertips and he was also said to be a narcissist.

The first phalange of the thumb (black) is extremely long which shows stubbornness and the thumb itself is rigid which increases this trait to its highest degree. The fate line rising from the life line (light blue) means that family members helped the subject a lot in their youth, and it also shows a love of one’s own country. But the dangerous thing about Saddam’s fate line is the color. It is of the darkest shade which means that the person is unrelenting in the pursuit of his or her ambition, and won’t let anyone stand in their way. Adolf Hitler had a similarly colored fate line. Another interesting aspect which Saddam shares with Hitler is that they are both Taurus.

The heart line (green) is positioned quite a distance away from the fingers showing a cold nature. In terms of fatality, notice the fate line (pink) above the heart line (green) is cut by a line of opposition (purple). If the picture was clearer it would’ve been easier to pinpoint where this line of opposition originated from, but the most likely case is that it came from the line of head (red) which means that the person suffered in his career due to bad decisions. Concurrently, the line of life breaks towards the end. If I was to measure both the cut in the fate line and the break in the life line, the approximate age would be 70. Saddam was executed at the age of 69.


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Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)
Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in SZABIST Dubai (December 2016)

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