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Stephen King’s Zodiac Sign and So Much More!

The King of Horror

Browse any search engine for Stephen King and you’ll get the same old biography: Stephen King is the best-selling horror author of all time. Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of all time. But what many sites forget to mention is Stephen King’s esoteric biography, and that is what we are going to concentrate on today.

Stephen King's Zodiac Sign

Stephen King’s Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Stephen King replying to Laura Lippman’s Tweet

Born on the 21st of September, 1947, King is born on a cusp but his Sun Sign is most definitely Virgo. The closer to Libra’s commencement the birth of a Virgo is the more Libran traits the Virgo inherits making them more artistic.

Virgos are governed by Mercury which is the planet of communication. Gemini is the other Sun Sign whose ruler is Mercurian but Gemini is an Air Sign denoting coolness, calmness and a general carefree attitude towards life. Virgos on the other hand, though Mercurian, are Earth Signs, and thus, are meticulous and the opposite of carefree.

Both signs share their zest for communication whether it be verbal or written. But there is one major factor distinguishing them and that is Virgos’ luck is proportional to the effort they put in to anything. One can label Stephen King as many things but the most agreed upon factor would be hard working.

So, is Stephen King lucky? Yes, but without the hard work he has and is continuing to put in, churning out one high-quality story after the other, then he wouldn’t have achieved so much success without effort.

Another Virgo quality we mentioned earlier is meticulousness, and King has that down for him in spades. His works, though mostly fictional, comprise of a lot of research. The description is vivid beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Let’s not forget one factor which contributes a lot to the success of both Virgos and Geminis and that is adaptability. Mercurians are the most adaptable of all the Zodiac Signs which is a tad ironic as Virgo is an Earth Sign depicting a grounded person, but we have to remember King’s consistency as a best-selling storyteller complements that theory.

Adaptability in terms of Stephen King’s literature is the wide variety of genres he has explored with the highlight being 11/22/63 – his 2011 historical fiction novel – which combines alternative history, science fiction, mystery and horror to deliver as much a multi-layered experience as possible.

Let’s not forget some negative attributes of Virgo. They can become workaholics very easily, and do anything to remain attached to their work, in King’s case his former addiction to drugs.

The second negative factor is their criticism of others which is sometimes uncalled for. This factor is harmful for them because they cannot withstand criticism and often don’t even realize the difference between unfair judgment and constructive criticism. This leads to broken relationships and friendships.

Stephen King’s Birth Number is 3

I mention in my book Astro Palm Numero (2021) that the Birth Number 3 includes many successful people in general. But their lives are mostly touch and go. Either they are very successful or not successful at all but in both ways it is because of their personality defects and not some outer force as they are quite lucky.

What do I mean by Birth Number 3? People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month have 3 as their Birth Number as 3+0, 1+2, 2+1 and again 3+0 all add to the third digit.

Birth Number 3 are governed by Jupiter the luckiest planet and the one which also bestows the most wisdom. However, the common problem which prevents Birth Number 3 people from reaching their potential is being a jack of all trades. It does not mean they should aspire to be a master of one or two passions but having a lot of talents actually suits them.

However, they commonly ask themselves what should I do in life career-wise, what’s my end goal, which passion should I give priority to? And on it goes.

My best advice to them is to follow their hearts as their heads will soon follow given the Jupiterian wisdom. Let’s not forget Stephen King is an Earth Sign, and along with Capricorn and Taurus, these Signs tend to find more success in one or two professions rather than being proficient in a vast variety of trades.

Maybe that is why has succeeded as a writer and screenwriter but never as a filmmaker.



This was an alternative way to look at Stephen King’s life and times. Personally, as a professional diviner, I believe regardless of the Zodiac Sign or Birth Number, any person can achieve a super-high level of worldly success. But what success means varies for everybody but I can clearly see King is happy at what he has and what he will continue to succeed in, and that is emotionally reaching the hearts of readers and viewers worldwide on a daily basis.

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