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Adolf Hitler Palm Reading

Adolf Hitler Palm Reading is about the hand analysis of one of the deadliest dictators of all time.

Photo Credit: How to Know People by their Hands by Josef Ranald.

An Esoteric introduction to Hitler

Browse any search engine for Adolf Hitler and you shall come across the same old biography of this infamous leader of Germany. But what I always emphasize on is astrology, palmistry and numerology as I have done so in my recently published Beginner’s Guide to Divination called Astro Palm Numero.

This is because we need to look at the world like children without any preconditioning. And we can only do that by looking at the spiritual biography of the subject before reading an official introduction to their life.

Hitler Astrology and Numerology

Born on the 20th of April, 1889, Hitler is undoubtedly a Taurus. If you’re looking for a physical marker notice the German leader’s prominent forehead which is the trademark physical trait of a Taurus Sun native. Tauruses are known to be stubborn which I don’t even have to elaborate upon here. But what people usually get wrong with Tauruses is that these Zodiac Sign bearers only harm specific societies according to whether they like them or not. Pisces, on the other hand, embodies many people like Hitler but not exactly like Hitler because Pisces follow already established ideologies whilst Taurus create ideologies.

Hitler does have one trait which is not typical of a Taurus sun native and that is his emotional appeal. He could reach the hearts of millions of his country’s citizens. His speeches were always emotionally charged and that is mainly due to him being a Birth Number 2 as he was born on the 20th so 2+0 means he is a Birth Number 2.

2 is represented by Moon, the most emotional ruler of any Sun Sign (Cancer) and any Birth Number (2). Remember Lunar people are also extremely artistically inclined thus Hitler’s initial dream of being a painter… which was eventually trashed.

Adolf Hitler Palm Reading

Adolf Hitler’s fate line (red) starts from a cross near the wrist and ends in a star on the mount of Saturn. The darkly etched fate line shows the sheer willpower of Hitler and his immense belief in himself. The fate line starting with a cross means that an unusual event occurred in childhood and it ending in a star denotes a shocking end of life (as a star always denotes explosion – good or bad).

The head line (blue) is medium in length which in my opinion is the best length as it shows a balanced intellect and gives practicality to the subject enabling them to execute their plans to the fullest. However, this line ends in an island which shows that the person will suffer towards the end of his life due to a poor decision made by his mind.

The life line (green) is also strongly etched like the previous two lines indicating vitality. Nevertheless, it ends in a cross near the age of 60 (Hitler died at 56) which means a sudden end of life in uncanny circumstances (he committed suicide).

The sun line (black – on the area under the third finger) is extremely dark which is an indication of infamy.

Ironically both his fate and sun lines are long and ending at approximately the age of 80. But due to the island on the end on the head line and cross on the end of the life line – especially with the latter line concluding relatively early – this means that he died much earlier than denoted due to his own decision making.

The mars mounts (red) are extremely protruded which show success in military, police or politics-related endeavors. On the flip side, they show extreme physical and mental aggression, which are reinforced by the over-developed mount of moon (blue), which in turn shows a crazy imagination.

The fingertips are pointed which show idealism. The first finger is high set which shows authoritarianism. The thumb is shaped in a way which denotes a brutish nature. On top of that, it is small in size, which shows a person who would be easily influenced by others and more often than not, throw temper tantrums.

Overall, Adolf Hitler’s palm belongs to the worst kind of criminal – the idealistic one. He would never have allowed himself to remain in a small position, as power was of utmost importance to him, and as they say:

Absolute Power (Quote)

About the Author

Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in Dubai (December 2016)
Nisar Sufi Conducting a Palmistry Session in SZABIST Dubai (December 2016)

Nisar Sufi is an underrepresented author from South Asia who is currently fully employed as a content writer in his home country. He has 11 years of experience as a fortune-teller and is currently ranked 3rd in Pakistan in the Palmistry Rankings on Fiverr. Simply search “Know Thy Future” in any search engine and you will come across his many fortune-telling related endeavors including his Fiverr Profile. Astro-Palm-Numero is his first book on his favorite subject.

Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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