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Vladimir Putin Palm Reading

Vladimir Putin Palm Reading is about the hand analysis of the current and longest serving President of Russia.

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His fingers are on the shorter side meaning that he has an impulsive personality. His Apollo finger is longer than his Jupiter finger which shows his gambling and risk-taking tendencies. His Saturn finger is quite strong showing that he is a responsible person. His thumb is stiff which means he is extremely stubborn and it is a non-hourglass shaped thumb meaning that he is not diplomatic in his speech and dealings with others.

His heart line (pink) starts with a fork which means he has found true love in life. It is an extremely straight heart line which shows his cold persona. His life line (black) and head line (green) are attached at the start showing his initially cautious nature. His head line (green) is well-balanced with his heart line (pink) as it is also straight.

It’s a medium-sized head line which means that he doesn’t think too much or think too less. His fate line (blue) emerges from a fork from his life line (black) which means he found all his success at home but his accomplishments have had a global impact. His sun line (red) emerges from his fate line at around 16 which must’ve been the time he aspired for patriotic greatness by enlisting in the government sector.

He has a Mars line (white) which increases his inner vitality. The triangles on his life line (black) show accomplishments at various ages such as 27-29 and 30-32 years of age.

Overall, Putin is an aggressive person and his greatest flaw is his tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. if he wasn’t a politician i’d bet he’d be an excellent sportsperson given his muscular palm; he would’ve done great in combat sports such as boxing or MMA.

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Nisar Sufi conducting a Palmistry Session in SZABIST Dubai on December 2016.

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