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AESPA Winter Palm Reading

Winter is a famous K-pop idol and a member of the girl group AESPA.

She has a heart line (purple) originating from between the first two fingers, showing that she is balanced when it comes to matters of the heart.

However, this heart line doesn’t quite reach the base of the fingers. This means that she is skeptical when it comes to seeking out true love.

A singular line (black) on Saturn mount denotes amazing luck throughout one’s life.

She is likely to get engaged and/or married at 25. This is because an influence line (pink) from the mount of Moon joins her lunar fate line (green) at that age.

Her head line (blue) and life line (red) are attached until the age of 23. This means that she will be having full confidence in her abilities from this year onwards.

Her head line (blue) ends on the second portion of the Moon mount. This denotes business-mindedness, and also, becoming spiritual after crossing the age of 35.

The most developed mounts on her hand are those of Jupiter (ambition), Apollo (talent and beauty), and Venus (passion).

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AESPA Winter Palm Reading (Video)

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Nisar Sufi
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