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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Compatibility Report

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp – their former relationship has been so viral for the last 4 years or so that I had to take an esoteric look at it. Below I share my thoughts on what caused the drift between them.

Main Lines Comparison – Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Main Lines Comparison - Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard’s head line is straighter but forks towards the end showing a dual mentality. Johnny Depp’s head line is brilliant but breaks in the middle indicative of a breakdown in his 30s most probably one related to his career as the fate line has a gap around the same time period.

Amber Heard Palm Reading Video Version

Their heart lines match considerably though Depp’s line starts closer to the fingers meaning he opens up more effortlessly to other people compared to Amber Heard. Both have encompassing life lines showing sociability though Depp took less time in becoming extroverted than Amber Heard did who was quite introverted in her formative years.

Johnny Depp Palm Reading Video Version

Although, not visible in this picture, Amber Heard’s fate line does not start off well showing a lack of direction. In comparison, Johnny Depp’s fate line is very strong from the onset denoting a person who knows what they want and go for it.

The Fault in Their Mounts

The Fault in Their Mounts.

Amber Heard has a well-developed Venus mount but it is narrow showing a limited amount of warmth. Johnny Depp’s Venus mount is uber-developed which is also indicative of him having fallen for Amber Heard’s beauty first and personality second.

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Amber Heard’s Lunar side of the palm (green) is less developed showing average talent as an actress as well as a highly materialistic approach to life; meaning her main motivation to enter the entertainment industry was money. She is also not likely to indulge in over-drinking or any drug-related stimulation. Johnny Depp is the exact opposite. The space taken by his Apollo mount and the length of his ringer show the depth of his talent. His Moon mount (white) is extremely developed showing he indulges in his fantasies (which include drugs) as easily as embodying the variety of characters he plays on the silver screen. Add an overdeveloped Venus mount to the mix and people with this combination find it very difficult to quit their negative addictions which oftentimes also include intoxication, smoking and overeating.

Both of their Jupiter mounts are developed but Depp has a prominent Star on the mount of Jupiter indicating that he has already reached the apex of his career, and despite his current setbacks, I see good things for him ahead. Amber Heard has good fate and sun lines in her 60s which show career-related stability which she also has now with her casting as Mera in the DCEU, but judging by DC’s inconstancy, only God knows whether or not she will star as the character in any venture beyond Aquaman 2 (2022).

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Compatability Report – The Verdict

You can clearly see a negative influence line (orange) cutting Depp’s sun line (green) indicating a loss of reputation due to a relative, friend or spouse’s actions. As this picture was taken circa 2010/2011 and the divorce happened in 2017 (when he was 53) we can clearly affirm the accuracy of Palmistry as the line gets cut between the ages of 53 and 55.

Depp is yet to make a comeback but with the sun line resuming form at the age of 60 (he is 58 as of 2021) that resurgence is coming soon.

In the case of Amber Heard, she is 35 years old now and her life will only get better from now on as I can foresee both emotional and financial stability till her old age. Her developed Venus mount shows that she will have at least 2 children and will also end up being a very happy and successful mother.

This relationship could’ve worked out as a fling or even a 2 years long relationship without exchanging nuptials. The problem here is that Depp is too passionate and lively while Heard is more reserved and unadventurous. They must’ve initially been attracted to each other on a superficial level (Depp wanted beauty and Heard yearned for better career opportunities), and though they all got what they wanted from each other, the fallout from their turbulent time together proves that a marriage built on want and not on need seldom lasts for long.

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