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Amber Heard Palm Reading

Palm Reading of American actress, Amber Heard, best-known for her portrayal of Mera in Aquaman and all other related and upcoming DCEU movies.

Amber Heard is a 35-year-old American actress who is best-known for her roles in independent films such as All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and The Ward as well as starring in blockbusters like Never Back Down and Aquaman.

Amber Heard Palm Reading Video Version

Although she has been acting and modeling professionally since her early 20s, her career has become more financially stable after turning 32 and being cast as Mera in the billion-dollar grossing Aquaman (2018). Now, through Palmistry, let’s see what she is like both in front of and behind the camera.

Amber Heard Palm Reading – Lines and Signs

Amber Heard Palm Reading - Lines and Signs

The first aspect which I noticed was that her fingers have weak first phalanges denoting a lack of interest in academic study. Thus, later on, it was not a surprise for me to find out that a high school diploma is her latest educational qualification. The fingers have sensitive tips and along with the briefly conjoined head (red) and life (orange) lines indicates that she was hypersensitive during her formative years.

She began her professional career at the age of 22 which also aligns with the timing of the separation of the afore-mentioned lines. The head line is brilliant showing versatility (able to perform equally well in low-budget and high-budget films) as well as it being forked towards the end showing double the amount of intelligence.

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The plus point of one prong (red) going straight and the other one (blue) going downwards is that whatever career the subject is indulged in they will be aided by creativity from the age of 30 onwards. Mostly I have seen this indication in the hands of people working normal jobs like accounting only to open up a business and find the latter to be more financially rewarding in their 30s which leads them to retire early from their main job.

In the case of Amber Heard, her 30s is when she started to become financially stable especially from 32 onwards when she landed a spot in the DCEU movies which entails further high salaries from her future portrayals of the DC Comics character Mera. For example, her most recent performance as Mera in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

On the other hand, a forked head line like hers also indicates emotional trouble as one prong of the head line suddenly goes downwards, indicating both sudden success and abrupt failure.

She became the wife of Johnny Depp at the age of 29 and they officially split when she turned 31. This goes in line with the emergence of the Moon mount directed fork of the head line. The mount of Moon represents both creativity and depression as both are formed by the imagination. Luckily, she has a very strong overall hand with no prominent minor lines and exceptionally clear major lines meaning she can quickly make a comeback from any negative situation, I.E., starring in Aquaman, her first global box office hit, one year after her divorce.

The life line (orange) starts a bit narrow but expands later on denoting she was introverted in her 20s but after that period grew to be more extroverted and open to others. Her heart line (green) is very well balanced though her head line dominates which goes in line with the development of her second phalanges of the fingers that stand for materialism.

Upward lines (black) from the head line (red) going towards the Jupiter mount are indicative of a person who is always trying to improve their status in life. Two strong attachment lines show that two relationships will impact her life the most and the quality of these lines represents whether or not it will be a positive or negative influence.

The first line (red) indicates a relationship which started in her early 20s, I.E., with her long-term partner artist Tasya Van Ree. The relationship lasted a total of 4 years. The line is short but strong indicating that it was a positive experience.

The second line (blue) is longer and stronger than the initial one indicating a very long-term relationship which also usually entails children. She recently had a daughter, Oonagh Paige, while being in a relationship with her new beau Bianca Butti.

Amber Heard Palm Reading – Fate and Sun Lines

Amber Heard Palm Reading - Fate and Sun Lines

Amber Heard’s sun line (red) starts from the mount of Moon indicating a financially on-and-off career in her 20s, this line darkens considerably in her 30s showing sudden worldwide fame, and around her 60s it points towards the fate line which is equally strong indicating lifelong consistency job-wise which, for her, I predict will be getting cast in a long-term major role like starring in a series which lasts for a decade at least.

Her fate line stops around 29/30 indicating her original path was broken. Although, this line was replaced by her newly strengthened sun line (which could also indicate marriage to a more famous person as this line originates from the mount of Moon indicating spousal support), the lack of a strong fate line afterwards means her being at a loss from an emotional standpoint due to a negative emotional experience.

The Saturn line (green) emerging from her head line indicates extreme financial success attained due to her own merit.

Amber Heard Palm Reading – Mounts

Amber Heard Palm Reading - Mounts

Her Venus mount (purple) is developed showing her energy, beauty and longevity (no wonder she didn’t give up after suffering from both an unstable career in her 20s and bad relationship experience in her early 30s with Depp). However, it is a bit narrow meaning she is very materialistic and the distance between her thumb and forefinger show a lack of generosity in general.

The mounts of Mercury and Apollo are jointly developed meaning she is not only talented in front of the camera (Apollonian) but takes full commercial advantage of this fact (Mercurian) and also utilizes her gorgeousness (Venus) in tandem with the afore-mentioned factors.

Her Jupiter mount (white) is developed denoting ambition and also connections with high-profile contacts. Her low-set Jupiter finger shows a lack of self-esteem during her childhood which later on can sometimes translate to poor matchmaking skills.

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