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Everything is 4 (2015) Album Review

Jason Derulo might have started off as a songwriter, but his 2015 attempt Everything is 4, doesn't justify his career beginnings.

Jason Derulo might have started off as a songwriter, but his 2015 attempt Everything is 4, doesn’t justify his career beginnings.

Everything Is 4, as the title suggests, is Derulo’s fourth studio venture. It opens up with the groovy Adam Levine-esque single Want to Want Me. Though, Levine himself could have done a better vocal job. The second one is Cheyenne which I deem the production’s best. It reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana and is like a modern version of it. The follow-up is Get Ugly which I’m shocked was released as a single, as it’s not only the worst song on this compilation, but one of the worst pieces I’ve ever heard in 2015.

The fourth number Pull Up is awesome primarily due to its beats. The ordinary Love Like That is the next one but the sixth track Painkiller is definitely a stand-out. It features Meghan Trainor and though I’m not a fan of hers, this duet outshines Try Me, the eighth song which incorporates Jennifer Lopez and DJ Matoma. The rest of the compositions range from average to poor.

Try Me is one of the best song collaborations I’ve heard with Jennifer Lopez as a Featured Artist

To end with, Everything is 4 is a worthwhile effort by Derulo, and though he manages to make a versatile collection – the production is verbally mediocre. Cheyenne and Painkiller are the only lyrical exceptions. Still, the album is good and allows for multiple re-listens.

Good Tracks off Everything is 4

Want to Want Me, Cheyenne, Painkiller, Pull Up, Try Me.

Average Tracks off Everything is 4

Broke, Trade Hearts, Love Like That. X2CU.

Bad Tracks off Everything is 4

Get Ugly, Love Me Down.

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