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The Shadow Side (2016) Album Review

When Daughtry embarked on changing his grudge rock style to a more techno theme, it was a successful attempt, without the singer’s signature vocal-style being erased. Andy Black (Any Biersack) has gone down the same path, by departing from his rock band Black Veil Brides, and releasing a solo pop record.

But that doesn’t mean that this collection has lost its loudness. The Shadow Side’s first track Homecoming King starts off slow but emits an aggressive chorus. The second track which was released as the first single, We Don’t Have to Dance is possibly the best off the album, and gives Black the ability to show off his brazened vocals which he is essentially known for.

Ribcage is the third song and it’s almost as repeat-playable as the former with an unexpected chorus: “Nothing in the cage of my Ribcage”. Still, it’s about living life without a hearty attachment, and Black already looks the part.

Rest of the ten tracks are loaded with electronic tunes and the main problem with the entire vinyl is that there are more slow-tuned songs than faster, heavier ones. Black is more suited to shouting out lyrics like in the second and third inclusions, but he isn’t left with much uniqueness to exhibit given passive numbers.

The Verdict

The Shadow Side is a solid debut for a heavy-metal vocalist alternating to the popular side. And all the songs range from good to great. But they’re not too distinct from the norm, and after listening for a week, you’re likely to pick out Tracks 2 and 3 and listen to it on repeat rather than going through the complete version.

Nisar Sufi
Content Writer, Indie Horror Author, Book Reviewer, Film Critic and Fortune Teller @knowthyfuture
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