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Johnny Depp Palm Reading

Johnny Depp’s hand, like every other human being on the planet, depicts both positive and negative traits. But the most shocking thing about his palm is that his disastrous divorce from Amber Heard can be seen from this picture taken circa 2010/2011 – 4-5 years before his ill-fated marriage to Amber Heard. Read on further about Johnny Depp’s Palm Reading below.

Johnny Depp’s Palm Reading

Johnny Depp's Palm.

As we were discussing his and Amber Heard’s divorce, it can be seen from the negative Influence Line (orange) from the Lower Mount of Mars cutting the Sun Line (green) in his mid-50s. He has been on a downward slope career-wise since 2012 (aged 49) but the Sun Line which denotes continuous opportunities (which has been getting constantly since 2012) in a creative profession is not being cut until the age of 54/55. He was 54 years old when he got divorced from Amber Heard. The accuracy of Palmistry is mind blowing.

Johnny Depp Palm Reading Video Version.

But fans you are in luck as his Sun Line resumes at the age of 60, and as he just turned 58 recently on June 9th, he could be making a comeback sooner rather than later.

If the Sun Line or Fate Line are cut by a line from Lower Mars it means that our own nation’s people, our family members or even our closest friends could cause a loss to our reputation. This is clearly the case with what happened to Depp when he started having relationship issues with his 2nd wife Amber Heard.

Another fascinating thing to note is that even though he has been married only 2 times the 2 Attachment Lines on the upper side of his hand near the little finger do no not necessarily represent Marriage but Attachment.

Lori Allison (Spouse)Sherilyn FennWinona RyderKate MossVanessa ParadisAmber Heard (Spouse)
2 Years3 Years4 Years4 Years14 Years2 Years
Johnny Depp’s Various Romantic Interests and the Duration of their Relationship in Years.

Johnny Depp’s Palm Reading Reveals Why His Marriage With Vanessa Paradis Lasted The Longest

Notice the first Marriage Line (purple) is joining the Sun Line which means the subject will have a long-term relationship, usually marriage, with a person more accomplished and famous than them. If we time this Marriage Line it is occurring in the mid-20s, around the same time, when his relationship with the more accomplished actress, Winona Ryder, had begun. He must have loved her dearly as the Attachment Line only appears on the palm when the subject truly cares for someone.

His Head Line (red) starts to break in his late 20s, specifically at 29, when he broke up with Winona Ryder whose name he had also tattooed on his body when they were together – proving his attachment level. He then proceeded to marry another starlet more famous than him after Winona, the British supermodel Kate Moss, but that relationship also concluded after 4 years.

In the year of 1998 and at the age of 35, he married Vanessa Paradis – and this proved to be positive for him overall – as both his Head Line (red) and Fate Line (yellow) resume their direction when he would be 37 – and at this age he led the commercially and critically successful movie Sleepy Hollow (1999) – which marked his comeback after a series of flops denoted by both the broken Head and Fate Lines.

Johnny Depp's Palm.

Positive Features of Johnny Depp’s Palm Include:

  • Developed first phalanges of fingers show an intellectual personality.
  • Star on the Mount of Jupiter at the apex: Highest honors in one’s life but achieved step-by-step and not all of a sudden.
  • Semi-flexible thumb with both phalanges more or less equal to each other:Well-balanced personality- equally good at planning and execution.
  • Long sloping head line: Both the length and direction of this line show his wide range of expressive ability.
  • Long Mercury finger shows power of expression. Long Apollo finger denotes desire for fame but it is not too long like that of Amber Heard’s meaning he will never stoop low for fame. Space between Mercury and Apollo fingers denotes freedom of action.
  • Fate Line (yellow) from the wrist denotes a person who knows what he wants from a young age and goes after it.
  • Sun Line (green) from Mount of Upper Mars shows extreme rise in life in a person’s 40s but only if they face the struggle prior to turning 40 – Johnny Depp was cast as Captain Jack Sparrow in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film which was released in 2003 – the same year Johnny Depp turned 40.
  • Developed Mounts of Venus (purple) and Moon (white) denote struggle in the pursuit of success, but once the person gets success, it is massive (both Leonard DiCaprio and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have developed Venus and Moon mounts).
  • Long Life Line (blue) encircling the Mount of Venus shows a person who loves living life to the full.

Negative Aspects Seen on Johnny Depp’s Palm:

  • The shape and length of the Saturn finger along with the less-than-average space taken up by the Saturn Mount (red encircled) shows a moody person prone to seeing the bad in others and being unnecessarily vocal about it.
  • Shape of the thumb’s first phalange shows a perfectionist attitude which also means he expects his partner and other people close to him to live up to his standards. This indication does help him in his career though as it shows his devotion to any role he is cast in.
  • The third phalanges of his fingers are extremely developed, and along with the third world predominating his palm, this shows there is a baseness to Depp’s personality which doesn’t complement his refined personality.
  • Heart Line (purple) starting from the Mount of Saturn coupled with an over-developed Mount of Venus show an animalistic approach to sex. He goes after looks first then personality and so his marriage subsequent divorce to blonde bombshell comes as no surprise now.
  • This same Heart Line is quite away from the fingers showing a person who only reveal himself to a few select others and so might appear aloof to people who don’t know him closely.
  • Not only critical of others but can also be very self-critical. Maybe that’s what led to the breaking of the Head Line (mental breakdown) and also Fate Line (loss of direction) in his late 20s to early 30s.

Johnny Depp’s Palm Reading – The Conclusion

As I mentioned at the start of the article that Depp is just like every other human being present on this earth with a fair amount of positive traits as well as personality defects. Even though he is going through a negative phase right now both professionally and personally, notice the strength of his Life Line and the re-emergence of his Sun Line which shows he will regain his name and fame through sheer willpower alone. And that is how he has managed to make so many comebacks after falling down time and time again, because, as the legendary Muhammad Ali once said:

Knocked Down (Quote) by Muhammad Ali.
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