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Antebellum (2020) Movie Review

Heartwrenching, harrowing, unflinching and evocative: Antebellum (2020)is a punishing portrait of author and activist Veronica Henley, an academic powerhouse who rallies against the shackles of patriarchy and systemic racism who finds herself inhabiting a ugly American civil war era inspired reality in which bigotry, cruelty and slavery run rampant.

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The narrative convulses like a bat with rabies flitting between past and present with tightly wound fluidity as our protagonist wages war with the terrifying reality she is in the midst of suffering whilst seeking a way to escape.

This film reaches a fevered crescendo of note and I’ll be damned if my eyes were not sheathed in tears during the final act.

Beautifully shot, fraught with stunning cinematography and stellar acting, if you’re looking for a poignant and stimulating slab of celluloid that hinges upon social commentary and issues that are bound to inspire ire and sadness in equal measure I highly suggest giving Antebellum a gander.

The Rating: 5 out of 5.

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