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Thinner (1984) by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman – Book Review

The following review contains SPOILERS!

Thinner (1984) Book Review

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I consider the story to be simple where we have Billy Halleck a lawyer with a prestigious career, a loving family, a wealthy life and a considerable overweight. His placid life is interrupted when he runs over a gypsy woman and during the trial he is declared innocent, the father of the woman who ran over him curses him with two words: thinner.

Billy begins to lose weight every day at a considerable rate as time passes, despair begins to take hold of him as the words of the gypsy begin to torture him, the anguish and anxiety are seen until he decides to put an end to the situation. it’s upsetting your life.

As for the gypsies, they are portrayed as nomads who travel the entire country without stopping for more than three or four days in each town, where they carry out artistic exhibitions, read fortunes, organize dog fights and games of chance. We see that they are subjected to injustice and discrimination, and when their presence begins to annoy people, the police intervene by inviting them to leave.

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The author makes a criticism about the cynicism and hypocrisy about people with a well-off social position, including the treatment they give to gypsies since they are openly discriminated against, but on the other hand they go to them to see their show and entertain themselves. the time they are always suspicious and suspicious of the gypsy people.

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We can also see a reflection on the human psyche, the horror that is in the mind of the human being, we see the misunderstanding that Billy suffers from the people around him and they consider him a madman, as well as his own fears, the feeling of guilt and injustice that harbors him and turns his mind upside down. Among the themes that the novel addresses, I could highlight that of guilt as it is eating him up from the inside at the same time that it justifies how far the guilt can go and especially how it extends to his wife.

I like the way King approaches the issue of guilt to what extent we are guilty of our actions, how others can have weight in our guilt, how far our regrets can reach and how sometimes we are able to carry our own on other people guilt.

The Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nisar Sufi
Nisar Sufi
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