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Brain Cheese Buffet (2010) by Edward Lee – Book Review – An extreme horror collection which lives up to its wacky title!

Edward Lee isn’t for everybody but he sure is for me. Brain Cheese Buffet (2010) resembles the contorted side of a road mishap. Untidy and horrendous, and despite the fact that we would prefer not to snoop, we can’t turn away.

I will give Lee excellent grades on his well-developed storylines. He is very innovative with the plots—very sickening as well—and that is reviving in a way subsequent to perusing such countless redundant ideas with dismay. I do notwithstanding think his sexual portrayals are strange.

Makes me consider how horny adolescent young people would talk. Lee’s plots likewise seem like the kind of savage/sexual dreams that adolescent youngsters might have. A few stories in, I quit evaluating the preposterousness and attempted to accept it as maybe it was planned—a ridiculous dream intended to pull in extreme horrorfans who don’t peruse the verbose writing of Stephen King, and still couldn’t want anything more than to find out about the bloody stuff. Or then again, I could be absolutely off-base about his ‘sort’ of fans, but after finishing this delicious collection of 9 tales, and with Brain Cheese Buffett being my first foray into Edward Lee’s unique imagine, I have become a fan myself.

Without further meandering, here are my favorite stories ranked by preference:

  1. The McCrath Model SS40-C, Series S
  2. The Dritiphilist
  3. The Baby
  4. Makak
  5. Mr. Torso
  6. Miss Torso
  7. Grub Girl in the Prison of Dead Women
  8. The Mother
  9. The Wrong Guy

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I didn’t adore it, yet I didn’t detest it. Furthermore, I will allow Lee another opportunity by reading another of his works in the near future. I’m available to ideas still since I may just have one more chance at this before I’m excessively netted out to attempt a third book. Brain Cheese Buffet does not feature gore for gore’s sake, but actually has brilliant narratives that will most probably haunt your dreams. After relishing my first Edward Lee reading experience, I would now be able to wear this as a symbol of honor since many consider him to be an extreme horror master, and perhaps, rightfully so.

I suggest this assortment to the non-faint hearted, and of course, for those whose indulgences are frequent steamy dreams, or maybe it’s for somebody who simply needs to read something outside their comfort zone every once in a while.

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Nisar Sufi
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