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BvS: Ultimate Edition (2016) Movie Review

So, I thought watching the BvS: Ultimate Edition would change my initial 2.5/4 rating but sadly no. This version is better than the theatrical version, and also the direction and cinematography were top-notch as I’ve mentioned before, but the writing was meh.

SPOILERS (if you’ve seen the original version then no prob):

I don’t understand why Superman says he’s gonna kill Martha when Batman is about to kill him. Yes, by he, I understand Lex Luthor but Superman’s mother is dying, and he himself is on the verge of getting killed, but he says ”he’s gonna kill Martha” instead of ”he’s gonna kill my mom”. Who will be that formal in death?

Also, I think Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor was overlooked as we’re more focused on Jared Leto’s The Joker.

Still, the 2 hours 55 minutes were super entertaining, and if you watch with non-critical eyes you’ll enjoy this blockbuster fully, but not so much when you’re reviewing it.

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