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Darksiders Genesis (2019) Video Game Review

Darksiders Genesis (2019) is my first Darksiders game and it’s not only a prequel/spin-off of the main franchise but also is the 4th official entry in the series. With a biblical story complementing Dante’s Inferno, but with a much lighter tone, DG is a must-play for people who favored DI though really it’s much lighthearted tone-wise especially.
I think this is a game built for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts though I played it on my base Xbox One and it ran beautifully but again it’s not a heavy game storage wise.

Best thing is the combat and how you switch between the protagonists Strife and War, with one being quick and can shoot dual pistols, while War is more solid and can attack with a heavy sword. This duality makes combat the best aspect.
Secondly, the looks of the game are breathtaking. Again, I reckon that it would suit a handheld console better, but still really good though there are much better looking games from even 2017 compared to this 2019 venture, but for the dungeon genre it embodies, it’s a pretty decent looker.

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I have mixed thoughts about the story. I figured out the climax midway between the campaign. it’s also a longish game not only campaign wise (dependent on difficulty) where they measured on how-long-to-beat that the story mode itself averages 14 hours. Took me 20 hours to finish the story (along with some side quests) given the normal difficulty which isn’t that normal but again this is my first dungeon game.

Also, there are some noticeable glitches especially related to boss battles. Like I defeated Mammon after 2 hours of rage play and there was no B sign – if you’re using an Xbox controller – which signals the questioning sequence of the defeated antagonist. I had practiced the contest so much I defeated Mammon in the next try itself. Glad there wasn’t another bug to face. Also, in some boss battles, but especially in relation to Mammon, the health bar of the villain is empty from the start and this really impacts gameplay in a negative fashion. Happened with mini-bosses as well especially after the second Mammon chapter where we first saw this error occur.

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Overall, Darksiders Genesis is a solid game, and I might have loved it even more due to my preference of fast-paced video games. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played but one of the finest I’ve come across this year especially in terms of being an Xbox Game Pass offering though I am sure it is compatible with PC as well via Game Pass.

The Rating: 4 out of 5.

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