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Deadpool (2016) Review

Deadpool is simply the best comic-book themed movie of 2016. This is most probably the hardest review I’ve ever written because it was so difficult to find the bad amongst all the good.

The following review contains spoilers:

The Plot

To save himself from cancer, Wade Wilson takes part in a secret program, which leaves him hideously scarred but with special powers such as regeneration and heightened reflexes. Now, he must take revenge on those who experimented on him, and that too in Deadpool fashion.

The Good

This flick is so awesome that from the design of the opening credits, you know that the entire length would adopt this tone. For sure, the writers didn’t follow the source material a 100%, yet they managed to give the character a cinematic life where he does what he does best in the comic strips: Stylistically kill, crack wisecracks, give no damn and most importantly break the fourth wall; talk to audiences while looking at the camera directly.

I also have to mention that Ryan Reynolds redeemed himself after the god-awful Green Lantern (2011). But I still have to state my opinion that he was more than watchable in his tenure as Hal Jordan. Here, Reynolds suited Wade Wilson both physically and verbally. One thing to note is that Reynolds was also a favorite for the role since a Deadpool comic mentioned the figure himself stating that his normal form resembled the actor.

Another positive factor is that while most superhero features showcase the main individual changing his personality after his transition, Wade Wilson is a bad-ass from his human persona until he becomes the Merc with the Mouth. Boy, does he have a mouth on him in the film. Most of the amazing dialogues do come from him, but my favorite among the secondary performances was T.J. Miller who plays Wilson’s best friend Weasel. I thought his dialogue delivery consisting of verbal insults to Wilson’s newly deformed face was outstanding. Additionally, Karan Soni who plays the taxi driver Dopinder was a welcome insertion into the diverse ensemble.

With characters like Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (the creative-team literally wrote her on due to the bizarre name), Blind Al, the villains Angel Dust and Ajax – the list of characters would seem like a mistake on paper. Still, what the screenwriters managed to make of them on screen was in a way, magical.

On a budget of $58 million (now you know why the studio couldn’t afford more X-Men), Deadpool more than made up for its medium-level cost. Ironically, it was way better than the high-budgeted releases of DC like the afore-mentioned Dawn of Justice and Green Lantern both critically and commercially (Deadpool made an estimated $761 million off its worldwide theatrical run and don’t even ask what those two DC ventures made separately compared to their expenses).

To end with the list of good, Deadpool is an adrenaline-pumped blockbuster from onset to offset. Even with $58 million it had proper CGI and action sequences which give other superhero exhibitions a bad name. Moreover, it featured action which is different from other Fox productions or even the most recent Marvel or DC adaptations. Not only did Deadpool achieve comic-book greatness but it showcased how an R-rated adaption should be made. Each and every scene of this one was entertaining and I’d be shocked if anybody watched it in the theater and would opt for a refund.

The Bad

It was challenging to nitpick Deadpool. But I reckon that most readers would agree that the primary storyline (Deadpool seeking out revenge and the villains kidnapping his girlfriend Vanessa) was average. This is literally the only bad point I could find. Maybe the conclusion was also a bit predictable but the creative team made up for it by making every other feature of this movie perfect.

The Verdict

Deadpool is by far the closest any comic-book adaptation has come to perfection. It’s a superb R-rated venture and an entertainment-packed treat for viewers. If you haven’t watched it yet, put it at the top of your watchlist. My only hope is that the next part which is rumored to include the mutant Cable (yes, I’m talking about the post-credits scene), has a superior plot, but is directed and written in the same style as this one.

Nisar Sufi
Content Writer, Indie Horror Author, Book Reviewer, Film Critic and Fortune Teller @knowthyfuture
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