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Death Perception (2013) by Lee Allen Howard – Book Review – Another Perfect Horror Novel

Death Perception (2013) recounts the narrative of a youngster named Kennet Singleton with otherworldly powers who needs to track down his own specific manner in a universe of unfairness. He works at the crematory of nearby burial service home, and finds out that he can distinguish the reason for death of those he incinerates. What happens when the reason for death on paper doesn’t coordinate with what Kenneth really sees?

From the second I began going through this novel by our Lee Allen Howard, I was promptly charmed by the lead figure and his otherworldly experiences. Nowadays, you go hither and tither to track down an original story that you can’t put down, yet Death Perception accomplishes this with marvelous characters, incredible symbolism, and a tone that makes go all the way until the inevitable ending. Kennet is the sort of character that is affable and makes you need to see him flourish. I would totally prescribe this novel to anybody who fancies deeply written spine chillers.

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The story is told according to various perspectives, has diverse subplots and intrigues blended in with clearly strict extraordinary marvels. I didn’t figure this book would have such a huge impact on when I read the blurb, so Lee’s story caught me a little off-guard, but that’s a good thing.

This was my first time reading Allen Howard’s work and you can color me impressed. It is an uncommon book, and incorporates such fine-tuned pacing I finished it in four hours, and didn’t even know so many minutes had passed. Even after all these years of reviewing literature, especially of the horror variety, I found no flaws in Death Perception, and I add it to the growing list of books that I’ve given a perfect so far this year.

The Rating: 5 out of 5.

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