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Five Maidens on the Pentagram (2020) by J. Manfred Weichsel – Book Review

Five Maidens on the Pentagram is an extreme horror novella written by J. Manfred Wiechsel and published by Godless.

Five Maidens on the Pentagram (2020) by J. Manfred Weichsel is an extreme horror story that will most likely insult numerous readers. In this story of a malicious wizard endeavoring to carry Satan to Earth by forfeiting five maidens on a pentagram (hence the title), Weichsel utilizes realistic scenes of vicious sex and generalizations of Abrahamic religion-based sins and their disciplines to raise inquiries of what is acceptable and what is not.

Five Maidens on the Pentagram starts off in awesome fashion. It twists the perception of morality for the reader from the get-go and the remainder of the story carries the same methodology. The individuals are altogether problematic with respect to where they remain in the part they play. All of these characters are multi-dimensional so Weichsel keeps you guessing whether they are protagonists or antagonists.

The hero is an enemy; this main character has a dual personality. Each realizes the other character exists and they are attempting to achieve various ends to justify their means. He is likewise being controlled by people around him to achieve their own objectives dependent on their characterizations.

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Cover of Five Maidens on the Pentagram.
Five Maidens on the Pentagram (Cover)

The statement of multidimensionality gives an impetus all through the book for every one of the fundamental characters. There is an ongoing debate of who is absurd and who is acceptable. The utilization of generalizations gives a view into the Abrahamic meaning of transgression. This is additionally worked out in a segment of the story used to depict the discipline of a portion of the spirits in damnation.

In backing away from the substance, Weichsel’s writing style returns to support the subjects and generalizations introduced at the onset of the storyline. The recognizing part of a person is consistently rehashed, featuring the situation inside the story, and the bigger design of what is being investigated. Different parts of the story are likewise rehashed to raise their significance.

Five Maidens on the Pentagram does have its flaws. Although, its novella length justifies the quick pacing I felt some events were taking place too fast. Also, I have a feeling that people who are not monotheists excluding ex-monotheists might not find the central narrative as appealing as readers who follow a one-God religion.

However, Five Maidens on the Pentagram is one of the finest novellas I have read in a long time, in any category. The plot is original, the characters are unique, and the events are also unpredictable. So, if you are not easily offended by art then this extreme horror novella should be your next speed read.

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