Bong Joon-ho Palm Reading – The Director Who Made History

Bong Joon-ho Palm Reading.

Bong Joon-ho Oscar Speech

He is the first South Korean to win 4 Oscars. He is best known for thrillers which all borderline on horror. His relative filmography includes, but are not limited to, Parasite (2019), Snowpiercer (2013), The Host (2006) and Memories of Murder (2003).

Bong Joon-ho Palm Reading.
Bong Joon-ho Palm Reading

There are two Head Lines (yellow) with the second one starting at mid-30s which shows he is multitalented and that he gained achievement in career through his own intelligience (his 2nd movie The Host which he directed at the age of 34 was his first big success). The Mercury Line (green) starts somewhere around 28 which shows this is the first time he gained credit for work related to communication/media (he got his first screenplay credit at the age of 27).

The Sun Line (blue) starts around the same time as the Mercury Line but becomes darkest at 50 (Sun Line represents fame and he gained extreme recognition at the latest Oscars – his current age is 50).

Parasite – Official Trailer – IGN

Overall, his fingers show a philosophical mindset and his Venus and Moon Mounts are developed which are essential for people in the arts industry as the former represents passion and the latter creativity.

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