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How to Become Rich in Your 20s?

A Comparative Analysis of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

How to become rich in your 20s? There is no hard and fast rule to early success. Firstly, Palmistry is not fatalistic. The number one mistake both learners and laypeople of Palmistry make is thinking that the lines and signs on the palm are fixed. This is a big NO. Lines and signs are ever-changing. Even the main lines namely the head line, heart line and life lines will regularly alter.

My go-to source for Palmistry-related knowledge is Nita J. Kulkarni’s blog Palmistry For You. In her one-of-a-kind article, Your hand shows you up to be whom you really think you are, she states correctly that the palm isn’t a reflection of yourself in the eyes of others, but how you see yourself. This is why our thinking process is reflected on the hand.

Another way to gauge this theory is through my philosophy of palmistry: Life is 95% what happens (events like Covid) and 5% how you react to these events (your reaction to Covid). So, suppose there are two rich businessmen in their 20s, take the example of the 2 online business magnates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, whose palms we will be analyzing later on in this article, Page would not handle a crisis as well as Brin even though Page is $1 billion richer than Brin as of June 2021. Same for any class of people. Please note that I am talking about being affected by Covid rather than being infected by it.

Larry Page Palm Reading

This text reading mostly covers Larry Page’s hand in comparison to Sergey Brin. For a full analysis of Page’s palm watch the video below.

Judging by the shape of his palm, Larry Page has the typical creative entrepreneur’s hand. These people are intellectual but also appear to be eccentric. This eccentricity is a part of their often-volatile imagination. Luckily, Page has excellent head line (yellow) going straight towards the mount of upper Mars (black encircled) which means he utilizes this creativity in a practical way.

Larry Page of Google.

His heart line (orange) crosses the entire length of the palm showing his main cause is contributing positively to the society at large – and Google is the epitome of that – it is the most used search engine in the world after all.

His strongest mounts are that of Venus (purple) and Moon (opposite to Venus and outlined in black). This gives him a magnetic personality and might be the number one combination responsible for gaining such momentous success at a young age. Leonard DiCaprio and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are other noteworthy Venusian-Lunarians.

His life line (purple) has a gap at 40 then restarts (black) at 50. This means that in his 40s he would go through a spiritual period in his life which will make him even more successful at philanthropy in his 50s. I won’t be surprised if he ends up making another contribution to society in the vein of Google.

Dual fate lines. One from the wrist (blue) which is weaker showing that he would need the support of other people to succeed in life. The second fate line (red) is from the mount of Moon indicating support from people, and at 25 it overtakes the first fate line (blue), the latter, completely vanishing at the age of 25 – the same age both he and Sergey Brin officially launched Google.

Dual sun lines. One from the mount of Moon (black) which increases the support from people in line with the fate line from the mount of Moon (red). The second sun line (white) from the mount of upper Mars (black) shows that in his 40s he will have a change of thinking (note that this is also evident from the restarting of his life line).

Sergey Brin Palm Reading

This text reading mostly covers Sergey Brin’s hand in comparison to Larry Page. For a full analysis of Brin’s palm watch the video below.

Sergey Brin’s hand is constructed like a fighter. He must have inherited this from his father who took a big risk applying for a US travel visa while living in the Soviet Union with his wife and son. The gamble paid off though and also judging by the bodybuilder-type structure of Sergey’s hand he would have been well-off in Russia as well also owing to his own efforts there.

Who is Sergey Brin?

Long heart line (black) almost crossing the breadth of the palm dips down towards lower Mars (red). This indication is a double-edged sword. Positively, the person’s love life is balanced as they equate love with lust. Negatively, the person might become too foolhardy in the pursuit of true love; might become obsessed with even those people who are either potential lovers that reject him or are partners who break up with him.

Long and straight head line (white) shows his practicality. Notice that the start of the head line is from the mount of Jupiter indicating that ambition comes foremost in his life. The head line ends on the upper mount of Mars (red) which is well-developed, indicating that he is extremely stubborn but at the same time loves to stand up for the underdog.

Brin’s head (white) and life (purple) lines are attached for a long time, even longer than 25, the age of his self-made success and this period of achievement usually coincides with the separation of the head and life lines. This means Brin remained close to his roots even after becoming a millionaire/billionaire.

The multiple travel lines (yellow) with many being present on the lower mount of Moon indicate travel during his youth (his eventual relocation to America). The fate line (red) starts with a fork with one prong closer to the mount of Moon (indicating foreign influence) and one prong connected to the life line (purple) representing his closeness to his immediate family.

At the age of 25, he and Larry Page co-founded Google, and this is the same age indicated by the formation of the money triangle. The money triangle in any person’s palm is formed by three lines namely the head line (white), fate line (red) and Mercury line (green)

Why is Larry Page richer than Sergey Brin?

I am not going into the biographical or technical details of why Larry Page is richer than Sergey Brin. Rather, I will compare the two palms mentioned both above and below:

A Comparative Analysis of Larry Page and Sergey Brin via Palmistry.

According to Wikipedia, Larry Page is the 8th richest man in the world with a net worth of $90 billion, and Sergey Brin is 9th on the list with $89 billion, as of June 2021.

The main reason is Page’s people-orientated nature. His enlarged Venus mount (purple) shows warmth and along with his helpful nature indicated by his long heart line (orange), people would be naturally drawn to both him and his ideas.

While Brin also has a humanitarian streak his Venus mount is limited indicating he is mostly warm to those very close to him. He is also very aggressive and straightforward due to being a Martian (both Mars mounts are the most prominent mounts on his palm) so he is liable to rub people the wrong way with his brutal honesty.

However, both Page and Brin became friends to their opposite natures. They also have some similar indications:

  • Long heart lines
  • Long and straight head lines
  • Closeness to roots indicates by conjoined head and life lines.

In Conclusion

As is with romantic relationships, opposites tend to work better in both a professional and friendly setting as well. Larry Page is more lenient and thus won’t be intimidated by Brin’s my-way-or-the-highway lifestyle. Conveniently, Sergey Brin can bring Page’s ideas to life as he is the more practical of the two.

All in all, as seen by the above analyses, you can see that even the richest people in the world are flawed. No one is perfect nor does anyone have the perfect fate line, sun line, etc., so to answer the question of how to get rich in your 20s? Make proper usage of the positive aspects of your personality while owning up to your defects like Larry Page and Sergey Brin evidently have done.

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